Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Beside you. . .

This blog post is dedicated to Masalo Tanuvasa Selesele 

I'm not very familiar with Marianas Trench.  I only like two particular songs that they've released. The thing that hooks me into this band is the lyrics and the ways in which they express their lyrics.
Beside you to me symbolises one of the beautiful moments in a friendship where even when you don't talk to a friend in a very long time, you can pick up where you left off.  It doesn't necessarily need to portray the hetero scenario in the video clip.  It can just be a moment where you have a conversation with your long time friend and you don't need to say anything - you just listen.

When your tears are spent on your last pretense
And your tired eyes refuse to close and sleep in your defense
When it's in your spine like you've walked for miles
And the only thing you want is to be still for a while. . . 

There have been many times when I've wanted to be still for a while.
When I've felt like the world I was in was going too fast and I wanted to step off, try to slow the pace down and think much more clearly about what I was doing (or wasn't).  Have you ever tried to go to sleep but you couldn't?  Your mind is just so overactive either through senseless worry that didn't make sense, I mean it was nonsense and it was just you making things bigger than they actually are (something you learned as a child because that's how everyone thought of problems - let's make them big so everyone can see them and have some running commentary on that too).

If your heart wears thin I will hold you up
And I will hide you when it gets too much
I'll be right beside you
I'll be right beside you

This is probably the best use of timpani in a contemporary track that I've seen.  I love the cellos in the second verse.  It's a clever way of using texture and tone to paint the music.  The chorus is traditionally the epic part of the song that everyone remembers and sings all the time - it's the hook - it's the part that we could most likely harmonise quite quickly because it is meant to be remembered.
When your heart wears thin, I will do more than hold you up.  I will try to encourage your heart to be thick again, to beat much more strongly on its own so that the thick texture can return and you can stand tall and no longer feel the need to hide when it gets too much.  Who says the world gets too much for us?  Let's shift our thinking.  Let us be too much for the world.  We can be larger than life - larger than the world.  I'll be right beside you on that one.

When you're overwhelmed and and you've lost your breath 
When the space between the things you know is blurry nonetheless
When you try to speak but you make no sound
And the words you want are out of reach but they've never been so loud. . . 

It can be hard to speak up and have a voice when you're unaccustomed to using your voice.
I use my voice to speak, to laugh, to call out to people, to sing, to make all sorts of sounds at all sorts of pitches (within physical capabilities of course).  Those loud sounds that you can hear, those loud words that you can hear but can't see or touch - until you learn to speak up and use your voice, that's all that will remain.  Loud sounds that ring in your ears and make you think that you're going crazy.

Trust in me, trust in me
Don't pull away
Trust in me, trust in me
I'm just trying to keep this together
Because I could do worse and you could do better. . . 

I hope that you trust in me, because I definitely trust in you.
I mean, I've come to the point where I can trust myself. And I'm not just saying that because I'm biased that I'm talking about myself.  But like you said, because you know me and because you know that I can make changes, I can be successful and I could do better - then why not, let's do better together?  We don't have time for doing worse anymore.  We've got more positive and uplifting experiences to take care of within our daily lives.  It's time for us to not just keep this together - but also celebrate each other together.

I will stay
Nobody will break you. . .