Monday, 15 December 2014

Slow. . .

I've only just been introduced to Rumer quite recently. Today's blog post focuses on Slow.  Her vocal tone is reminiscent of Karen Carpenter.  It is so hard to find distinctive voices that speak to your soul.  Most record executives and record producers will argue that they will spend most of their days listening for the next big sound.  Rumer has been around since 2011 and has enjoyed critical acclaim with her music and she has performed and worked with music legends such as Elton John and Burt Bacharach. 

You make me want to sing about love
Everytime I raise my head
You make me want to tell the whole world
What I've found is good

It's what love makes you do right?  You get lost in it quite easily.  You let it consume you if you're not too careful.  There is a quite confidence that befalls someone when they know that they are in love, if that love is reciprocated I mean, if it's imaginary - who cares either way right? love just is....

Then they say
Slow this right down
Don't burn it out
Don't let it show
Oh but my heart is racing
To hold your gaze and
let it go

The very clever tempo change to slow down the chorus. making it more distinctive that the verse is a great compositional technique.  It also signals the shift in how to manage these wayward feelings of love that can threaten to push one over the edge, become all-consuming and rule your head.
Being able to savour how your love develops with someone is a super conscious and careful way to go about it.  Are we going slow because there is a fear that it might not work out?  That the flames of love might extinguish itself too quickly and snuff itself out while we're not looking?

My love, my love, my love
killin' time is easy when you're here
From dreams I've seen you before
You're so familiar
And everywhere I go
Hear me calling for my love

One of my favourite ways to love, just the simple act of spending time together, enjoying each other's company, being physically close.  Love can also make you feel like you've known this love your whole life and maybe if you have, which is why they feel so familiar to you.  What were you in a past life? How did you get here?  Have your dreams become reality?  Do you often go around your day calling for your love in your heart of hearts and hope that they hear you?  Maybe they can hear you calling when nobody else can.  There is some comfort I think in knowing that your forever love hears you call for them and knows to answer your call.

Cause if it's you
I will disarm you
And if it's you
Do you know how to calm me down
Oh let me sleep in my arms
Then I won't hear them singing

Finding solace in the arms of one you love will most likely enable you to get the best night's sleep you've ever had.  Who are these other people that are singing to you?  Will you be able to disarm each other in time, to recognise that you are now finally together where time and space does not exist in order to hear each other's heart song ringing pure and clear - far removed from the other singing that you hear that may be detracting from your music making.

You make me want to sing about love
Even though you don't wanna know
You make me want to tell the whole world
But I know
You don't like it
You don't like it
You don't like it

I hope that one day you will like taking things slow.
I hope that one day you will like being in love and embrace what it means to share it with someone.
Even though you don't want to know, I hope that one day you will come to know. . . it will just be slow. . .