Monday, 8 December 2014

Mr. Blue Sky. . .

I love this song because it blends Classical music, pop and rock all into one magnificent bowl of goodness.  The Electric Light Orchestra released this single as part of the Out of the blue album in 1977.  The tuning of the radio dial signals the beginning of the song. The rhythm is infectious, painting a picture of someone walking down the street.  Musically, it reminds me of the TV theme song to Go Girls called Piece of my heart by the Electric Confectionaires.

Sun is shinin' in the sky
There ain't a cloud in the sky
It's stopped rainin'
Everybody's in a play
And don't you know
It's a beautiful new day

I think sometimes we need to train our minds to be happy.
We can often wait for something or someone to flip our happy switches on - but I think if you can dig deep into the archives of your mind, you can find some memories that spontaneously resurface that smile and laughter that you have kept hidden away.  I see the sky as a reflection of how I feel sometimes.  When I look up, if it's blue - it reminds of many times in my life when I've seen other blue skies that I've shared with other people who have been with me in happy events.  There's something particularly special about looking up and seeing how the blue sky can frame your world. like the icing on the cake or a roof to your house that you see events unfolding in.

Runnin' down the avenue (pant, pant, pant)
See how the sun shines brightly
In the city on the streets
Where once was pity
Mr. Blue Sky is living here today

The orchestral arrangement in this song definitely puts a smile on my face.  As a music teacher, it is definitely a fun way of introducing students to the instruments of the orchestra, learning to listen out for specific groupings within the orchestra.  The choral sections in this piece are particularly engaging as well, and a great way of teaching students about compositional devices - particularly with the descending sequences that you hear in the female voices in conjunction with the interplay between the male voices.  I think the awesome range of registers are explored to great effect - particularly in the chorus - my favourite part of the song  *like for soooooo long*.

Mr. Blue Sky, please tell us why
You had to hide away
For so long where did we go wrong. . .

We need to remember that there will be times when blue skies will not surface.
The trick will be how to cope when there doesn't seem to be any blue skies in sight.

Mr. Blue you did it right 
But soon comes Mr. Night
Creepin' over, now his hand is on your shoulder
Never mind, I'll remember you this way. . . 

I hope that you relish the blue skies above your head wherever you are in the world.
It almost feels like you need to prepare yourself for the times when Mr. Night turns up and changes the sky.  We need to know how to cope when we are waiting for our blue skies, enjoy our blue skies once they appear and most of all, never forget to look up from time to time - otherwise we might live our whole lives without seeing any blue skies - and having the beautiful opportunities to enjoy them.

Hey you with the pretty face
Welcome to the human race
A celebration Mr. Blue Sky's
Up there waitin' and today
Is the day we've waited for . . . 

Enjoy your blue sky today :-)