Tuesday, 16 December 2014

How do you want to be remembered. . .

Today's blog post is a song request from +Shannon Vulu 

How do you want to be remembered
As a sinner or a saint, as a hero or a villain?
Think about the steps you take
How do you want to be remembered
When they're standing at your grave
On your tombstone, what is written?
Think about the steps you take

As the year draws to a close, it is quite natural for us to start to reflect on the year that was.
There have been a lot of fallen comrades this year - I've acknowledged their passing in previous blog posts - Tagaloa Peter Su'a (Lullabye), Melaine Sagala-Timoteo (She's got a way) and Matamea (A place in the sun).  Writing about their lives and how they have impacted on me has been a comfort.  Celebrating one's life when they have departed this world is the best way to cope with grief.  Part of how I choose to celebrate is to write about them in this blog.  It's one of the many reasons why I chose to write this blog - as not only a way to share my thoughts and feelings with the world, but to also honour Loma's last wish for me - which was to 'be happy'.  I find great joy in writing blog posts and sharing these thoughts with everyone.  

I couldn't find a decent live performance of How do you want to be remembered by Magic, so enjoy the sound quality in the video below:

All my life I've been searching for the answers
How did I lose so much of the things that really matter?
Is there no paradise, cause I feel no joy or laughter
Seems everything I touch only turns into disaster
So I ask myself. . . 

How do you want to be remembered
When your children come to aid
And they need some inspiration
Think about the steps you take

The song emphasises the idea of legacy and how the steps we take leads us to how we are perceived by those we leave behind.  At the best of times (or at the worse, depends really how you view it) I can have a very morbid demeanour.  I think alot about death.  I think alot about what might happen when I leave this world.  The practice run I've had is analysing what happens when I lose other people close to me.  I think alot about how the world feels without them in it.  

Will you be an inspiration or an example of frustration? I already know that people who don't like me or love me will be happy when I am gone, because I will probably no longer pose a threat to their lives (I have a sneaking suspicion who those people are but it's kind of awkward to ask directly for confirmation ha!).  These people make life interesting and most likely, interacting with them could very well determine whether you end up in heaven, hell or limbo or some other astral plane that nobody knows about yet. 

Do I reach for love only when she says she's leaving?
Do I pray above only when I feel I'm needing?
See I can't sleep at night, when sheep turn into demons
There's no alibi when the jury knows your secret 
So I ask myself. . .  

Cause on the day that you face judgement
You better have your story straight
Were you a good friend and a husband
To the wife that gives you love love love 
You love, love, love oh. . . 

I hope that you love the people that you're with.
Even the ones that you could quite happily strangle and distance yourself (yes I'm talking about the crazy people that make up your family.  How do I know?  I come from a loooooong line of crazy - but like I said before - it definitely makes my life interesting!).

I hope that you think about the legacy that you will leave behind.
I think the most overwhelming lessons I've learned about legacy building is that in order to have people sustain your vision of prosperity, happiness and transformation - that you take the steps to get there.  Do good.  For yourself, for others.  Even those that try to ruin you.  Smile and help those poor buggers anyway.  It's hard to do - but soooo rewarding in terms of the growth that you experience.  

I'm spending Christmas in Samoa this year and I don't anticipate being online during the time that I'm there.  So I will wish everyone a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and hope you enjoy your family and friends till you burst with happiness.  I know I will.  This is how I want to be remembered. . .