Saturday, 1 November 2014

Still. . .

Still is a track by Ben Folds that featured in the animated Dreamworks move Over the Hedge.  He wrote most of the pop music on the movie soundtrack while Rupert Gregson-Williams was responsible for the orchestral score.  The film symbolises the ideas of consumerism at all costs, betrayal vs. loyalty and change at the expense of one's environment.

I must give the impression
That I have the answers for everything
You were so disappointed
To see me unravel so easily
It's only change
It's only everything I know
It's only change, and I'm changing

The lyrics make me think about how people can come to rely on you or believe in you or your abilities to do everything for them, to be the fixer, i.e. you have the broadest shoulders.  Well sadly folks, there comes a time when change happens, you might be the change, and people might need to catch up with you on the changes or be left behind.  I often find that sometimes, I've become more aware of change, change is practically in everything I touch, see, hear and taste - because everything impacts everything.  You may not be able to see all the angles, but you definitely know that there are forces at work, pushing and pulling until we can make some semblance of sense with what we are faced with.

So what happens when people aren't happy with the change that they are seeing in you?
You start to notice the way that people start looking at you differently, you can sense them judging you with their eyes - being super critical of the way you look, what you say, how you do things - self-appointed critics who pass judgement on your life.  Sadly, these are unpaid jobs that I'm pretty sure I didn't advertise vacancies for. . .

Lada lada ladadadadada lada ladadadadadada
Lada lada ladadadadada lada ladadadadadada

When I think about nonsense words in songs, I recall as a child listening to music - what is the point of people singing nonsense words in songs?  As I grew older I came to appreciate that sometimes there are 'real words' that articulate emotion better in a song better than - well - no words.  So for me the melody and the rhythm take precedence here, pushing the song along until words are required.

You want something that's constant
and I only wanted to be me
but watch even the stars above
things that seem still are still changing

I think when people - those who are near, and those who are far, those who have known you for a long time, and those you just met yesterday (and I met a few new people yesterday) all get a chance to know you and make decisions about the time of person you are - they will inevitably see that even when things and people are still - even the stillness changes.

When we are in the business of making friends, making connections with people, the premise of the exercise is to think about what value they will add to being connected with you.  A couple of questions should spring to mind like

* Will they make your life better?
* Do they challenge your thinking?
* How do they make you feel?
* What would they value in you?

Lada lada ladadadadada lada ladadadadadada
Lada lada ladadadadada lada ladadadadadada
Lada lada ladadadadada lada ladadadadadada
Lada lada ladadadadada lada ladadadadadada

I hope that regardless of the decisions that people make about you, that you are happy.
I hope that even when you are still - and you can feel that even your stillness changes - that you are still you.