Monday, 3 November 2014

Meet me halfway. . .

This blog post is a tribute to Luke Tipene, beautiful young man, taken suddenly from his whānau.
We hope one day we will meet you halfway.  Gone to be with his father :-(

Kenny Loggins was hot property in movie soundtrack circles in the 80s, as today's track highlights.  He is most commonly associated with Footloose, title track of the movie with the same name.  But I love him most for Meet me halfway - the song from the Sylvester Stallone classic Over the top.  Stallone plays a trucker who has neglected his paternal duties over the years but now has a chance to rectify the situation by spending time with his son.  The two get off to a rocky start, but soon bond as father and son - learning about love, honesty and commitment as all fathers and sons should have in such relationships.  In light of Luke's passing, I think about how he is able to be reunited with his father.

In a lifetime
Made of memories 
I believe 
In destiny

Every moment returns again in time

When I've got the future on my mind
Know that you'll be the only one. . . 

When you think about your life and how each moment is connected, if you string them altogether, what will it look like?  Luke had a promising future ahead of him.  I only taught him in my junior music class, but he was a vibrant and willing student who encouraged others, loved to make others laugh and was gung ho about life - he gave everything a go.

In a lifetime
There is only love
Reaching for the lonely one

We are stronger when we are given love

When we put emotions on the line
Know that we are the timeless ones

When someone so young is taken so quickly, in tragic circumstances, we struggle to understand why.
It is the most difficult thing in the world for a parent to lose a child, for a twin to lose her twin brother, an older sister to lose her baby brother.  The story of Luke's passing has touched a nation and made adults reflect about preventative measures that could have been taken.  But who is to know when things happen and the reasons why?  I'm not saying that we would feel any less pain, the loss will run just as deep.  Choosing to remember and celebrate the life that Luke lead with his whānau, how proud he made them on and off the field - his cheeky grin and respect for his teachers and fellow students - these are what I will remember about him the most in my time as his music teacher.

Meet me half way
Across the sky
Up where the world to only you and I
Meet me half way
Across the sky
Make this a new beginning of another life. . . .

I hope that those who are mourning the loss of Luke will know comfort in that they will meet him halfway again.  That even though in this world, we must carry on and begin a new life without him, that he would want his loved ones to be strong, to be happy and celebrate the things that he held nearest and dearest to his heart.  Words cannot bring him back, but I do pray for peace, for comfort, for hope and the faith that Luke's whānau and friends will never forget how he made them feel.

Moe mai rā Lukey.
Manuia lau malaga xx