Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Living in the moment. . .

I first came across Jason Mraz with his single I'm Yours.  It was a popular song upon its release, the proof of this in my world when senior music students chose to perform it as a solo assessment for NCEA credits.  The thing about a popular song is that you get to know it for how badly it gets performed, so you constantly have to listen to the original artist to get a better sense of the melody and the intonation of the piece (as close as you can get it).

If this life is one act, Why do we lay all these traps
We put them right in our path, When we just wanna be free

I will not waste my days, Making up all kinds of ways
To worry 'bout all the things, That will not happen to me

So I just let go , Of what I know I don't know, And I know I only do this by

Living in the moment, Living my life, Easy and breezy
With peace in my mind, With peace in my heart, With peace in my soul
Wherever I'm going, I'm already home
Living in the moment

Having arguments with people is a fairly commonplace thing to occur in one's life.  I think as I get older, I've become more discerning about selecting the times when I do have arguments - not because I know I can win the argument (where's the fun in that?) but more to do with knowing the right time to have an argument to bring your perspective across.  When those arguments happen online, that's where things are open to interpretation (or misinterpretation) so more explicit words (not expletives) must be used to be clear.  So now I know, as an adult, that I'm all about that clarity.

I'm letting myself off the hook, For things I've done
I let my past go past, And now I'm having more fun
I'm letting go of the thoughts, That do not make me strong
And I believe this way, Can feel the same for everyone

Often we can be too hard on ourselves (but there's a fine line between being too soft as well).  Definitely the things in my past are in my past.  I'm having more fun with friends and family, because I understand that it's important to live in the moment.  I understand that I can forgive people. but it doesn't necessarily mean I will forget.  But that's not to say that I will hold a grudge, I guess it just teaches you more about being wary.  Being wary of opening yourself up again to allow the hurt to creep in.  I guess it's good to remember - but don't let it overtake your life and waste more precious moments that can be spent on other things, other people who bring you that unconditional love, peace and joy that you so deserve.

I can't walk through life facing backwards, I have tried, 
More than once to just make sure, And I was denied
The future I've been searching for, I spun around and hurt no more

I hope that you stop looking backwards and turn around.  The pain you felt belongs in the past, along with the people who brought it to you.  I hope that you no longer feel like you cannot look ahead towards your future, that you can't find it.  Enjoy living in the moment.  Particularly when people try to cloud your judgement with emotions, rather than focusing on the content of the argument.  Why include grounds to escalate?   think I will continue to be more selective about the arguments I have with people.  The rule of thumb has worked well for me thus far.  Why fix what 'ain't broke?  Well, I won't be fixing anymore things or people that I didn't break, that's for sure.  Take responsibility for living in your own moments and stop trying to make moments with me. . .