Sunday, 9 November 2014

Live your life. . . .

I first came across Mika with his single Grace Kelly.  I was definitely impressed with his vocal style, but more importantly his vocal range.  The amount of fun he exudes in that video was quite appealing, even if the song lyrics suggest an identity crisis that eventually gets resolved.  If anything, Mika's music teaches me about being who I am, being happy in my own skin and not being worried about other people's opinions about me.  Today's blog post is Live your life.  Celebrate who you are and don't be afraid to enjoy your successes.  You make everyone happy by being around them, so keep smiling.

You've got the whole world in your pocket
But you just don't know
Everybody's smilin' at you everywhere you go
It's like you've got that secret
That everybody else wants to know

You would be forgiven if you thought the opening verse reminds you of George Michael's Faith because it has a similar chord progression and feel about it.
Wouldn't it be wonderful to know that you have the whole world in your pocket?
You're probably wandering around going about your business and don't even realise that you do. People will start asking questions soon enough about what it is that you're doing - they'll notice some type of glow that you haven't realised is there because you're just busy 'being you'.  Some people will make genuine heartfelt comments about the change in you, others will be secretly envious, while others will most likely gossip about you and gees, if they hate you that much, they might resort to some more sinister means of showing exactly how they feel about you having 'that secret'.

Anywhere you are is just like home to you
From the beaches in Manila
Down to Katmandu
Yeah you've got that secret
That everybody else wants to know
But you won't ever let it go oh

I take this verse to mean that you are comfortable wherever you are.  You're quite comfortable being in a noisy social setting, being in a mass crowd at a concert, being in a library enjoying some quiet time reading some articles or alone on a plane full of strangers watching the clouds pass by your window seat.  I think if you hold the secret to your happiness, it's up to you to reveal it if you like.  It's pretty hard to try and explain to people how to be happy or how to live your life, because only you control how you live your life and how you live within it.

We take a whole room full of strangers
And we make them friends
We do it all around the world
Just so it never ends
It don't matter where we're coming from or going to
You're the only one who turns a grey sky blue
And everybody needs a friend like you

Something people have commented on that has made me smile is my ability to get on with other people from all walks of life, regardless of ethnic background, socio-economic status.  I'm smiling to myself as I write this as there really is no difference between people and other people or your people.  We're all people.  The Spanish component of the song is translated again into English during the course of the song.  I remember one occasion in my early days of university when all of my groups of friends got together for a party for me and the tension in the air was palpable.  It was obvious that they would've been more comfortable in their separate groups, but it showed me early on that I embraced diversity and also showed me how much I loved connecting with people.

Everybody wanna hold your hand
Everybody wanna shine that bright
Everybody wanna say they can
Everybody wanna live your life
Everybody wanna talk like you
Only wanna do the things you do
'Cause they always gonna turn out right
Everybody wanna live your life

I hope that you enjoy living your life.
A lot of people will tell you how lucky you are.
But you know the secret to your happiness, to your success.
So just enjoy it and live your life :-)