Thursday, 13 November 2014

But, honestly. . .

Today's blog post is a song request from +Tamara Bell 

Today's track But, honestly focuses again on another classic by the Foo Fighters.  There are several layers for me in this song.  The lyrics suggest for me multiple contexts in layers of conversation:
1) an internal dialogue with myself
2) a conversation between the me of my past and myself now
3) a conversation that a significant person is having with me or
4) witnessing this conversation between two other people. . .

Where are you off to with that head of yours?

Is there somewhere you should be
Was it something that I said the time I held you down 
and told you it's not you it's only me

How often have you said that to somebody?  "It's not you, it's only me."  Maybe you've said it to someone else.  Strangely, you might have said that to yourself in a mirror.  You could've been quite happily, quite merrily on your way, going about your business and then you're stopped in your tracks. possibly forced to confront something (even yourself) when you least expect to.

Don't take what I don't need 
(Give me back my peace of mind)
Don't say what I don't need
(Give me back my precious mind)
No way you'll silence me you'll see

I think that peace of mind is an extremely important thing to possess, to hold, cultivate and treasure.  It can be easy for us to lose our peace of mind, when someone or something tries to take hold of it and mess with it.  You need to speak up or resist if your peace of mind gets tampered with.  People or situations will try to rob you of things, opportunities that should naturally sit with you for a time, let it percolate until it is ready to pour.  Often we can get subsumed into something without realising it.

What you up to now your mirror's gone
Is there someone you should be?
Did you think I was just fooling 'round with you?

But, honestly
But, honestly
But, honestly

I've talked about honesty before in a previous post - Billy Joel's Honesty.  There are degrees of honesty that we choose to reveal to others, if not to ourselves.  Half truths and part truths, white lies and full blown lies - everyone has their own tolerance or temperance for how honest we can be.  I almost see the phrase 'but, honestly' in this song as a heavy sigh, a pause, a point to stop and reflect for a minute, particularly the way in which Grohl sustains the last syllable of 'honestly', as if he is reluctant to let the sound end but it dies of natural causes as it sinks at the end of the breath.

And tonight I thank the stars
As I count my lucky stars
For everything you've given me

And all the wants I gave to you
Something borrowed, something blue
If you want them back
I'll give it to you

Give it to you

I don't want one thing that I give to you. . . 

It's more than finders keepers, it goes beyond that - it's actually more along the lines of when you give something, you don't want it returned. It must serve its purpose in the act of giving and fulfil its true intention.  So if you no longer want the things that you give to others, will this restore the peace of mind that has been taken away as well?  If you want them back, I'll give it to you.  But, honestly. . .