Sunday, 5 October 2014

Watching me . . .

First thing when I wake up
and right before I close my eyes at night
I think,
Feel man like 
I'm under some kind of microscope
satellites over my head
transmitters in my dollars
hawking, watching, scoping, jocking
scrutinizing me
checking to see what I'm doing
where I be
who I see
how and where and with whom I make my money
What is this??

I've been thinking about being under scrutiny since the whole GCSB monster arrived on the scene, in the most unstealth-like mode, like the Blob from the 1950s oozing out onto the cinema widescreen (who would pay to watch something like that anyway really?  ever wondered why there hasn't been a remake of the Blob in the last 10 years?

Today's headlines in New Zealand have now centred on Dirty Politics author Nicky Hager having his home raided today in an effort by police to flush out the hacker that has been supplying information about GCSB and the security breaches on ordinary New Zealanders, unaware, unknown and unnoticed, until enter stage right Kim Dot Com as easily as how Snagglepuss the Sabertooth Tiger exits stage left.

Look here at this watch of mine
Gotta open it up
Don't know who's been in it
Tracking where I go
Finding out all my business


Video cameras looked on me
In every dressing room
On every floor
In every store

Damn can I get to my democracy?

I guess we can't spend whatever 'x' amount of time trying to figure out how we combat this 'thing', being watched, being under surveillance, being the focus of attention in such an invasive and uninvited way.  Big Brother is definitely watching - anywhere, everywhere 24/7, even while you sleep.  I mean think about it - our smart phones are so smart, that pretty soon they will be smarter than us and we'll be living in that world described by the Terminator movie series or Extant where other-wordly beings take over our existence.

I don't really believe that - I'm just messing with you. . . .

But probably not as much as our privacy has been messed with. . . *cough cough*