Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Make it happen. . .

This blog post is a song request for Rita Seumanutafa from Melbourne, Australia.

Make it happen by Mariah Carey is one of her earliest hits.  I fell in love with her first single Vision of love. The fresh faced ingenue with the voice of an angel had arrived.  I much prefer this Mariah from her early years.  I know she was marketed with a real maturity that aged her, yet those songs did wonders for her voice.  Whitney Houston was marketed much in the same way with her Michael Masser hits, when she transitioned from singing gospel music in the church to singing power ballads in as many different situations about love as you could imagine.

I often cried myself to sleep
But still I had to keep on going
Never knowing if I could take it
If I would make it through the night
I held on to my faith
I struggled and I prayed
And now I've found my way

Unless you've been really down and out, I don't think you've really lived.
Unless you've had almost nothing and felt like you were at your wit's end, you haven't lived.
To me there is something poignant and beautiful when you are able to push through that pain and can rise above it.  When you are able to find your way through the many obstacles that are laid in your path - whether someone has laid them or you have inadvertently laid them yourself, we must remember to maintain the tenacity to survive.

I know life can be so tough
And you feel like giving up
But you must be strong. . .

You'll never find the answers
If you throw your life away

How can we stop ourselves from throwing our lives away?
How can we find the answers that we are searching for?
It will be hard to stay strong if you are continually battered from every angle, it will be hard to stay strong when others are counting on you to be weak - so if you have a choice - choose strong.
Your strongest advocate for yourself is you.

If you believe in yourself enough
And know what you want
You're gonna make it happen
Make it happen. . . 

I hope that you start to believe in yourself.
Because it's only when you start to believe in yourself - that things happen, because you've made them happen.

Go on - make it happen.  You know what you want.  And you know you want to :-)