Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Immortality. . .

This blog post is a song request for Rita Seumanutafa from Melbourne, Australia.

The Bee Gees wrote Immortality specifically for Celine Dion, much like they wrote Barbra Streisand's Guilty and Woman in love and Dionne Warwick's Heartbreaker and All the love in the world.  I have always admired how they featured on these songs as background vocals, as their vocal tones blended quite nicely with these female divas as well as showcasing their songwriting abilities.

So this is who I am
And this is all I know
And I must choose to live
For all that I can give
The spark that makes the power grow

If all you are, and all you know is not accepted by others, that's their problem.
I wonder sometimes about the time we spend trying to convince others about who are we, where we've come from, we want to go.  For most part, I just think people can be rotten listeners and just wait for you to stop talking so they can resume talking about themselves haha.

I think about - who can help to keep that spark inside you growing.  Are you surrounded by people that try to snuff out your inner spark?  Stop hanging out with those fire extinguishers.  They tried to extinguish your spark because they can't ignite their own, and if that's the case - that sadly will be the immortality that they carry, the legacy that they will leave behind.

And I will stand for my dream if I can
Symbol of my faith in who I am
But you are my only
And I must follow the road that lies ahead
And I won't let my heart control my head
But you are my only
And we don't say goodbye
We don't say goodbye
And I know I've got to be

I wonder who the "you are my only" is in this verse.  Is it a person? Is it a supreme being? Is it a memory or even yourself?  If the person is you, it would totally make sense that you wouldn't be able to say goodbye, because you can't really say goodbye to yourself - you're with yourself all the time, even when you can't escape who are you and who people try to make you become.  Is this what it means to be immortal?  That idea of immortality of not being able to be separated from yourself is quite drastic.  You would need to come up with strategies for how to pass the time - because time for you would be irrelevant.  There would be no expectations for you to do anything because you would outlive everyone.

So I must follow a road that lies ahead, even if it means that it might be a road that I am reluctant to be on, because I am expected to go there or I have had to fix some mess that people are counting on me to fix.  The trick is not to fixate on it so much I guess.  You can vent for a little bit and find some way to release the pressure, the stress, even be a bit numb for a while, until you hit your inner reset button.  Just be sure to keep your reset button from other people who would love to locate that on you.  If you're going to have this immortality, you need to protect yourself from some preventable mishaps that could potentially lead to further strife.

I make my journey through eternity. . .

If I step back a little and take a long honest look at the bigger picture, that immortality could be your legacy that you leave behind in this life.  It could even be the immortality of your mortal beloved who has gone before you.  It could be so many things that will forever dwell in the immortal halls of your mind.  If these memories hung like pictures in your immortal halls, does this mean that when it comes time for you to leave this life, will you take those pictures with you?  Or will you leave them behind for other people to remember you by?  They can take a look at those pictures and create some new exhibit labels so that when people come to look, they can appreciate what your contributions were, and more importantly how you made this world just that little bit better before you left it.

Cos I have found a dream that must come true
Every ounce of me must see it through. . .