Thursday, 30 October 2014

Daydreamer. . .

I've written a blog post about Adele before (check out "Make you feel my love" - song request for  +Rebbecca Sweeney).  One of the defining artists of her generation, her song writing and musicianship, particularly in the way she articulates her song lyrics make her stand out above the rest of her contemporaries in the pop music landscape.

Sitting on the sea
Soaking up the sun he is a 
Real lover of making up the past and feeling up his girl 
Like he's never felt a figure before

You've probably come across a character like this.  I've known a few in my time. They're good people to have around, there's never a dull moment, they're highly entertaining and if they're not the life of the party, they are definitely the ones to watch.  The daydreamer always has his head in the clouds and despite everyone else around him scrambling in the life that we know as the rat race, he is quite happy to amble along and walk to the beat of his own drum.  The daydreamer at his worst is also a bit of a storyteller.  You know the type - has elaborate ways of telling a simple story, can make an event out of nothing.

A jaw dropper
Looks good when he walks
Is the subject of their talk
He would be hard to chase
But good to catch and he could change the world with his hands behind his back oh

Does the daydreamer know that he is the subject of people's talk?  I think he knows that, and because of that, can manipulate situations to his advantage.  Often the daydreamer can't believe his luck and things turn out the way he likes by pure fluke.  Is that luck or what?  Why would you even want to chase after the daydreamer then?  It seems to me that if you wanted to pique the daydreamer's interest, that you would need to show no interest at all.  That effortless quality of nonchalance, casually striding, possibly pacing the room and making things happen in a casual manner would frustrate the hell out of you.  What may seem like something quite basic and simple, comes naturally to the daydreamer - will take you months of strategic planning.  The daydreamer just makes it happen without even raising a finger.

You can find him, sitting on your doorstep

Waiting for a surprise
And he will feel like he's been there for hours
And you can tell that he'll be there for life

Once you have piqued the daydreamer's interest, he starts to hunt you.
Wanting you to think about how you can continue to pique that interest by offering him a surprise.
Since when did you owe the daydreamer anything?
I think once the daydreamer is hooked on you, the type of person you are and what you share, he will wait for you, and possibly even a lifetime.  I wonder - will you tell him that it's not worth waiting for you?  Do you even want him to wait for you?

With eyes that make you melt
He'll lend his coat for shelter
Plus he's there for you when he shouldn't be
But he stays all the same and waits for you and sees you through

Why does the daydreamer hang around you anyway?
Does he see your vulnerability so vividly that he can hold up a mirror to convince you that you need to see it, even when you are trying to deny what is in plain sight, what is right in front of your face, because actually it's written on your face.  You do find comfort in letting the daydreamer wait, lending you his coat when you feel cold or you sense the temperature drop that he feels that he needs to lend you his coat.  You don't ask him to wait and sit with you, but because the words are unspoken now and this stretch of time has had many moments of unspoken words, that this now becomes the normal that exists between you both.  Is this odd comfort, albeit fleeting and sporadic, enough for you?

There's no way I could describe him
What I'll say is just what I'm hoping for

I don't understand why you feel that you can't describe him.
You've done a great job of doing it in the verses so why would things change at the end of the song?
Does this mean that you were just talking out loud during the verses, like you were speaking through your thought process?  I do that sometimes too.  But it seems that you're very cunning though.  Because you're not going to tell me how you feel, but rather, you're going to talk about the abstract and about your hopes - but you won't disclose what is.  Does the daydreamer know?  Does the daydreamer know your modus operandi?  I don't even think he can see that or sense that anyway,

But I will find him sitting on my doorstep
Waiting for a surprise
And he will feel like he's been there for hours
And I can tell that he'll be there for life
And I can tell that he'll be there for life. . . 

I hope that whenever you find the daydreamer sitting there on your doorstep, that you find comfort and enjoy spending time with him.  I hope that you have the courage to explain what is in your mind so that you at least if not let the daydreamer know, at least admit to yourself, what it is that you want for life. . .