Monday, 8 September 2014

The lady in my life. . .

This song request is for Shaylan Padayachey from Brisbane, Australia.

The Lady in my life by Michael Jackson has been sampled by a number of artists.
The sample I am most familiar with is Hey Lover LL Cool J featuring Boyz II Men, but other hip hop artists have also sampled the introduction to this iconic song - 95 Like That by Tyga and Swang by Trae featuring Big Hawks.  Swang slows the tempo right down whereas Tyga and LL Cool J have sped up their examples.

There'll be no darkness tonight
Lady our love will shine (lighting the night)
Just put your trust in my heart and meet me in paradise (now is the time)
Girl, you're every wonder in this world to me
A treasure time won't steal away

The bass guitar in this track has got to be one of the sexiest things I've heard.
I like the way that it helps to keep time, it plays the fill-in notes or passing notes between its main riffs. I like the way the bass plays at different octaves so that you get a sense of its range, when it goes upwards before plunging back down in its depths.  The different techniques used include slapping and it's more prevalent in this next section which acts as a bridge:

Lay back in my tenderness, let's make this a night we won't forget
Girl I need your sweet caress
Reach out to a fantasy, two hearts on a beat of ecstasy
Come to me girl

Nothing beats tenderness in love that makes it memorable.  You'll probably go through your life and have some recollections about nights that you didn't want to forget - ever.  Or it could be the complete opposite - you might have some nights that you would much rather forget.  Let's try to make more memorable nights that last a lifetime (or make it seem like there's no concept of time - timeless even.  Those are the best nights);

And I will keep you warm through the shadows of the night
Let me touch you with my love
I can make you feel so right
And baby through the years even when we're old and gray
I will love you more each day
'Cause you will always be the lady in my life

I also like the way in which the instrumentation is used quite skilfully to build harmonic landscapes behind Michael's singing, especially when you consider how the background vocals in this track are of Michael himself, so a composer/songwriter/music arranger would be thinking about how best to use the instruments at his/her disposal to complement the lead vocals.

Do you have a lady in your life?  That someone that you will spend your lifetime loving with all of your heart and be the only person you need for the duration of your life?
The more you get to know that person, it would dictate whether you grow to love her more each day or even less each day.  I hope that when you grow old and gray, that you will have someone by your side, whoever you choose to love, to bring out the best of your love.