Thursday, 4 September 2014

Resolution. . .

Today's song request is for my friend Phillip in Brisbane, Australia.

I'm giving up
This whole lie, this whole me
Call it out like family
Instead I bide my time, get a ride
Until the rubber leaves the road

You said you don't lie so I made the truth

Seemed like a lie to even you
Control your fear, it's clear
That you do not know where you're going to

Resolution by Matt Corby makes me think about when you start to take stock of your life, like a self-review or a life audit.  You know that point in your life too - when you've finally reached the turning point (like those pivot points in those novel studies you did in high school that the teacher was anxious that you understood, what motivated the protagonist in that point in the story to want to change, what events lead to this point of change?  Is it ok to use the word 'point' repeatedly in quick succession to make a point?).

We all know it takes some rare skills to have the ability to call yourself out, like you do family.
The idea that you can be completely honest with family, let it all hang out and have those difficult conversations because families can do that, they can get raw and just push it to the edge, push situations to the limits until the boundaries are broken and there's no clear way to see when something started and something ended.

So don't you worry

You'll be my resolution
Characters of no illusion
You'll be my resolution

One month down and it's in sight
Oh, I'm guaranteed to lose my mind
It's dangerous to speak and sigh
You might not know what I'm trying to hide

+Togi Lemanu and I ran into our friend+Te Mihinga Komene today.  She shared with us that she had voted early - by casting an "advance vote".  We decided that yes it is one month down and the New Zealand elections are in sight and rather than lose our minds on Election Day #decision14, thankfully the rules had changed so that we could vote early.

So from the cradle to the quarter age
Oh, I bought the book but I didn't flip the page
Oh, readiness is near, we steer
As far away from the coming days

I have thought about the rising tide of denial, betrayal, resignations and indignations.
We have watched the pantomime that is pre-election mania - what political parties have been trying to hide or not been successful in hiding and even in some sections of society - citizens would quite happily give some politicians a good hiding.

So don't you worry
You'll be my resolution
Characters of no illusion
You'll be my resolution
Characters of no illusion
You'll be my resolution

What will be your resolution?  Will it be that catalyst that prompts you to change the course of your own destiny?  Will it the end goal, the outcome that you are striving to achieve, leading to the success that you crave?  How will you know that you're on the right track to get there?  Will there be some measures that you are going to put into place to ensure that you can monitor your progress, that if you err on the side of the divine, that you are able to quickly withdraw and make some adjustments?

Turn around, put it down and see

That this is really the place to be
I'm not you, nor you me
But we're both moving steady. . . 

I guess regardless of what direction we're heading in - might be heading forward, might be heading backwards, might be pushing yourself to some pitstops on the side, might be upside down or you might be hovering on the spot.  Whatever you do - figure out what movement it is and keep it steady.
Make what you will of your own resolution.  Resolve yourself to a solution.