Monday, 15 September 2014

Love rears its ugly head. . .

This blog post is a song request for Rhys Walker from Brisbane, Auatralia

My earliest memory of Living Colour is watching the release of their single Glamour Boys in 1988 on a New Zealand music show.  Their music is a fusion of styles - jazz, funk, rock, hip hop.  I hear elements of this fusion in bands such as the Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Hootie and the Blowfish even Counting Crows, right through to solo artists such as Lenny Kravitz and Prince.

Love rears its ugly head gives us a glimpse into a male's perspective of being in a relationship that he has only just realised he may be trapped in.  As a female I can't help but be entertained by his bemusement but at the same time I can sympathise with his inability to be in a mature relationship.  The poor man might only just be realising that his weakness is due to love rearing its ugly head.

I always thought that our relationship was good
You played the role of having sense
I always played the fool
Now something's different
I don't know the reason why
Whenever we separate
I almost want to cry

Oh no, please not that again
Love rears its ugly head

The change or shift in a relationship, especially where love is involved, means that you suddenly become more vulnerable.  You become more vulnerable because you allow yourself to be open to sharing yourself, giving pieces of yourself to someone.

And when I come home late you don't complain or call
so as a consequence I don't go out at all
My friends are frightened
They don't know what's going on
They think you put a spell on me
And now my mind is gone

When you start to forge a life together, discover things about each other, you develop a rhythm and a partnership that seems comfortable and gives you security.  You won't notice the change until it's become so normal as part of your routine until your friends point out that you've changed.

but you never know where love is gonna go

Does anybody really know oh?

Besides, is it ever really a bad thing anyway?  The whole uncertainty of love is probably one of the best things about it.  To me, love will only rear its ugly head because you expect it to be ugly, in fact, you secretly want out of your perfectly satisfactory if not fulfilling love life with your cherished significant other - because you think you're missing out on meeting all those other unattached (or attached, if you're a player and enjoy those games) women.  The thing you need to remember though - there will always be unattached women - it just doesn't mean that you need to be the male to attach yourself to them.

I'm standing at the altar
As they play the wedding march
I'm in a black tuxedo with my collar full of starch
She looks as lovely as she's ever gonna get
I wake up from this nightmare in a pool of sweat

What you gonna do?

What you gonna do when it comes to get you?

I'm not saying that if you're married - you've made your bed and you must lie in it.
I'm totally not saying that.
What I am saying, is that you got married for a reason, if not several reasons, one of those reasons might even be that you loved your woman and you have children together.

Are you prepared to stick by your woman through thick and thin - because the vows you made certainly meant that you would.  If you decide not to be with her anymore, and she's given you no reason to fall out of love with her - at least have the decency to man up and tell her that you want to leave.  If not - love the one you're with.  You might just find that when love rears its head next time, it's not as ugly as you thought it was.  In fact, it's as beautiful as when you first glanced at it.  I mean, that's what made you take that second look right?