Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Carry...carry me boldly.. lift me up slowly....

When I hear the ethereal introduction, I feel a smile start to form on my face.

Will you be there was featured in the movie Free Willy during the closing credits.
It is the ultimate song for when I feel completely drained and in need of some serious musical therapy.  This is my "go-to" song.  It has all of the ingredients of a song that soothes the soul.  The lyrics speak about various vignettes that you can relate to, scenarios of life situations that you might have found yourself in, when you have been broken and you no longer know what else you can do - you have lost hope.

And everyone know when you lose hope - it is the beginning of the end.

The opening verses are sung in a low register and Michael sings without background vocals.
The interlude motif is played between each verse and it is this motif that is a key piece of the entire song.  The verses are structured in a series of questions.  Have you asked yourself these questions in your own life?  Who did you ask?  Who were you seeking assurance and answers from?

But they told me, a man should be faithful
And walk when not able
And fight till the end
But I'm only human. . . 

When you are constantly expected to be the one to fix everybody else's problems around you, while you do your absolute best to not be a nuisance to everyone else - it is a huge achievement indeed.
You can often start to question - how much longer will it be before I no longer need to perform these miraculous acts, that deep down you know, you were born to perform - but are reluctant to do so - accept your destiny.  Choose to live.  

Everyone's taking control of me
Seems that the world's got a role for me
I'm so confused will you show to me
You'll be there for me
And care enough to bear me

When the choir joins the song after this bridge section, we hear the harmonic richness of the song.  Each verse is compounded by the semitone transposition into each new key as the verses progress.
This showcases Michael's vocal ability as well as the musicianship of the band and the choir - to be able to sing and play seamlessly into different keys each time.  It almost feels as if with each harmonic change, that a sense of hope is starting to be rekindled again, it is tentatively starting to take flight again.

You can be forgiven for thinking that this song is like a cry for help, a cry for salvation.
The end of the song always makes me cry without fail.
The need to know that there is "someone" who will be there for you - no matter what you are going through is a basic human need, it is a basic human right - but one we so often take for granted in so-called civilised societies.

In our darkest hour, in my deepest despair
In my trials, in my tribulations
In my violence, in my turbulence
Through my fear and my confessions
Through my joy, and my sorrow

The last part of this earnest prayer almost sounds as if the prayer is answered.
We are finally able to claim the reassurance that we are so desperate to receive.

In the promise of another tomorrow
I'll never let you part
For you're always in my heart. . . 

I will hold you in my heart because you need to be held.