Monday, 8 September 2014

Borrow my heart. . .

This blog post is a song request for my friend Phillip in Brisbane, Australia.

Oh love, love is a feeling that you fear
But if you open up, know I won't let you fall dear
Under the surface we're all just the same
Follow me darling, for you I'll be brave
Oh love, love is a feeling that you fear

Borrow my heart by Taylor Henderson speaks to me about possibilities of the heart.
You are either one of two people in this song 1) the one being sung to or 2) the singer of the song.
If the first verse is anything to go by, I totally agree with the idea that love is a scary thing. There is so much "thinking" about how you define love and who you choose to experience love with (once you decide or confirm that the feelings are in fact love) and that has coloured your perception of love - so you're immersed in the very scary stages of what that journey of love entails.

1) The one being sung to -  you are probably afraid to open up because you've been burned too many times in the past that you're unwilling to entertain the very idea of opening up.  The other extreme could also be that - you have never allowed yourself to open up at all - so you haven't actually had any prior knowledge or experience of being open to love.

2) The singer of the song - it might take you a while to draw him/her out of her his/her shell, to be able to trust you not to let them fall or ridicule them for their lack of experience.  Of course, you could possibly be as tried as they are and

I won't let you go when your world's in the dark 
You can keep borrowing my heart
Even your fear won't keep us apart
You can keep borrowing your heart

How very reassuring to be offered somebody's else heart, so that you reacquaint yourself with the feelings of love again.  This is the love's purpose - to have someone else who will share your life and keep you safe, strong and happy, so that you are never alone, even when your world is in the dark.

Love, when will you lend yourself to me?
Oh if you give it up
I promise I'll return it safely

These lines made me smile because it made me think about the fact that when you want to be able to use your heart, to make it available for it to be borrowed, you need to ensure that there is love in your heart.  This means that you need to borrow love yourself, to fill your heart.  I guess once you finish borrowing love, you can return it so that you're set on your way.

But under the surface we're all just the same
Follow me darling, for you I'll be brave
Oh love, when will you lend yourself to me?

And the smiles continue here when that new someone wants to take you on this journey, but yet they are just as scared as you are.  Does this mean that they are more courageous than you are?  That they are more willing to put themselves out there and be vulnerable because they can be brave for you?  You will find that it will be easier to be brave, to trust your heart to love again, because someone else is being brave for you.  I guess it stems from them making their heart available for you to borrow.  Only people who genuinely have those feelings for you will sacrifice their own hearts for you, just to see you smile and feel love again.

Take your time
I'll be waiting for you

It will be hard to trust again, to love again, especially when you've closed yourself from love and choose to push ever experiencing it again.  I guess when the time comes to experience love again, it will happen when you are ready and it will be exactly what you need.  I wouldn't be too fussed about what that love will look like for you, because you know it is right for you by exactly how you feel.

Take it or leave it, it's yours to decide
Break it or keep it, you're safe
And I won't let you go when your world's in the dark
You can keep borrowing
Borrowing my heart. . .