Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Who you are . . .

Before Jessie J released Who you are, she exploded onto the music scene via YouTube with her "bigger than herself" voice that won her legions of fans, top 10 hits and a place as a judge on a reality music show.  She reminds me of Pink when she first burst onto the scene, big voice, attitude and uncompromising in the content of her songs.

I stare at my reflection in the mirror
"Why am I doing this to myself?"
Losing my mind on a tiny error
I nearly left the real me on the shelf

You get to those moments in your life right?  You spend so much time taking on attributes, ways of acting to fit in with how others around you are doing things, and you forget to question the purpose.   Is it better to suppress or hide your true self that you hardly recognise who you are when you do look in the mirror?  You will also probably wonder what the tiny error is now, the significance of it in the bigger scheme of things and why it made you lose your mind the first place.  I hope you don't leave the real you on the shelf.

Brushing my hair - do I look perfect?
I forgot what to do to fit the mould - yeah
The more I try the less it's working
'Cause everything inside me screams
No, no, no, no, no . . . 

The transition phase, that transformation stage, when you are starting to now see how things are, starting to realise your place in the world and what you've been doing this entire team.  Are you trying to much in the wrong way?  What are you trying to make work?  Is being perfect your goal?  Why aren't you listening to your inner voice, I mean listen to it - it's starting to recognise that what you're doing to yourself is actually causing you harm. . .

Don't lose who you are in the blur of the stars
Seeing is deceiving, dreaming is believing
It's okay not to be okay
Sometimes it's hard to follow your heart

If you feel the need to fall apart, go ahead and do it in a gloriously spectacular fashion.
If you're going to not be okay - then make it the most out-of-it, never-okay-didn't-know-it-could-get-like-this situation.  If it's hard to follow your heart, what are you following instead?  Are you following your head and thinking about what to follow - rather than feeling it?

Yes, no, egos, fake shows, like whoa!
Just go and leave me alone?
Real talk, real life, good love, goodnight,
With a smile that's my home
That's my home, no. . . 

Time to push all the artificial, superficial layers aside and be honest with yourself, be honest with others, be honest with people that you want to be honest with but you're too afraid to try.  I almost think that you might be using that enigmatic Mona Lisa smile from time to time and that's ok.  You don't need to reveal everything, just enjoy being home.  That Mona Lisa smile will show the world that you have contentment and happiness that even though they wonder - did we cause that?  They don't need to know or shouldn't need to know where your contentment or happiness is coming from - just know that it is. Be still and know.

So cry it out, go for that release that you need.
Everybody hurts from time to time.
You never need to apologise for your weaknesses.
It's what makes us human.

Tears don't mean you're losing
Everybody's bruising
Just be true to be who you are. . .