Monday, 25 August 2014

Thank you. . .

Today's blog post is a song request for a dear friend Phillip in Australia.

Thank you by Ray Boltz is Phillip's favourite childhood song growing up.  I remember this song quite vividly growing up as I would watch another childhood friend perform what we called then a "creative dance" and use the song as the music to tell the story.

I dreamed I went to heaven and you were there with me
We walked upon the streets of gold, beside the crystal sea
We heard the angels singing and someone called your name
I turned and saw this young man and he was smiling as he came

Heaven is probably something that a lot of people think about.
Does it exist, how will we know if we will get to go there, will we see other people we know there?
When I go to the airport to meet a relative at the arrival lounge, I often secretly think, is this what heaven is like?  When we die, do we have people eagerly awaiting our arrival in anticipation?
Do they sit around and wait anxiously for us, looking at the flight information board to see if our plane has landed, whether we are going through the processing stage before we enter through the pearly gates?

And he said "Friend, you may not know me now" and then said "but wait -
"You used to teach my Sunday School, and I was only eight,
And every week you would say a prayer before the class would start
And one day when you said that prayer, I asked Jesus in my heart".

The verses begin to tell us the story of people whose lives have been touched by the newly arrived individual.  It is easy to think of yourself as this individual because of the direct use of the personal pronoun 'you'.

Then another man stood before you and said"Remember the time?
A missionary came to your church, his pictures made you cry
He didn't have much money but you gave it anyway
Jesus took the gift you gave and that's why I'm here today

Feeling empathy for others and giving everything you have are qualities that are synonymous with the actions of Jesus in the New Testament of the Holy Bible.  Any chance that we can get in this lifetime to save someone else's life - surely that would be a fantastic thing.  Saving someone physically in the face of danger or conflict, and also figuratively, in more intangible ways than we can imagine.  It's the things that we can't see in our fellow man, but that which resonates so much within us, when we know how much of an impact we can have on helping each other, loving each other sincerely and giving so freely to others because we want to, now more than ever.

One by one they came, far as the eye could see
Each life somehow touched by your generosity
Little things that you had done, the sacrifices made
Unnoticed on the earth, in heaven now proclaimed

Do you think about how much people would value you and what you would bring to their lives?
I can't fathom people spending all of their time and energy deliberately harming others, aggressively doing so and not hiding it either.  I often wonder about their motivation and what drives them to act the way that they do.  None of us are exempt.  It is very simple to fall by the wayside and not follow our true calling.  Think about what little things that you can do to make the world a better place, and more importantly in the life beyond where you will spend your eternity - in whatever shape or form that happens to be.  You won't know until you die, and not many people have returned to tell the tale (well only a select few have, those that have endured near-death experiences).

I know up in heaven you're not supposed to cry
And I am almost sure there were tears in your eyes
As Jesus took your hand and you stood before the Lord
He said "My child, look around you, for great is your reward".

It is at this point in the song that I start to wonder, if all of these people whose lives you have touched, have now come to acknowledge you - who is the narrator?  Just when you thought it couldn't get even more overwhelming, Jesus appears to tell you what you have earned in His Kingdom.

Thank you, for giving to the Lord
I am a life that was changed
Thank you, for giving to the Lord
I am so glad you gave

I hope you get to thank someone in your life who has changed your life for the better.
Thanks everyone for over 17,000 pageviews so far.
I am so glad you gave. . .