Sunday, 10 August 2014

Love never felt so good. . .

If you follow my blog, you will know that I'm a huge Michael Jackson fan.  I remember meeting someone at a conference a couple of months ago and he said how much he loved what I had talked about that day in a presentation.  At the time of this conversation, we happened to be in the midst of a  group of people dancing on the dance floor.  (I know right - who has a conversation on the dance floor?)

I had mentioned in my speech that I had a blog based on what I wrote about songs.
He then proceeded to share with me the artists and bands that he was interested in.
When he mentioned that he was not a fan of Michael Jackson and didn't really like his music, I moonwalked away and the conversation ended.

Love never felt so good by Michael Jackson is the first single of his posthumously-released album XScape.  Justin Timberlake has released a duet/cover of the song.  I'm probably a purist at heart, but I prefer just to hear Michael's voice on the track.  Check out the Spotify "ManuScript" playlist to listen to my preferred version.  When Justin sings along with him, it is obvious to me why Michael is the King of Pop - I almost can't bear to hear Justin sing with him!  The way I feel about that is synthesised in the following lines:

Baby, love never felt so good
And I doubt if it ever could. . . 

My brother and I are in the same boat.  He recently lost his wife to breast cancer and I attended the funeral last week.  My husband passed away last year and today (NZ time anyway) is our wedding anniversary - 11th August.  I don't think that love never feels as good as it does on your wedding day.  That step you take to commit yourself to someone else in the presence of your friends, family, loved ones and you look forward to the years ahead together.

Love never felt so fine
And I doubt if it's ever mine. . . 

These lines remind me of the fleeting nature of love.  It can never truly be yours because there will come a time when you lose love and it was never yours to hold for long.  So you need to celebrate love when you have it, because you never know when it will disappear.  Enjoy and savour each moment as if it is your last - because it very well may be.

Every time I love
In and out my life
In and out baby
Tell me
If you really love me
In and out my life
Driving me crazy. . . 

As good as love feels, there are the crazy moments that love puts you through.
That cat and mouse power play that happens in a relationship - whether it is long term as a marriage is or something even less defined that can't be labelled - being driven crazy is sometimes what makes you realise that you wouldn't have it any other way.