Sunday, 17 August 2014

Keep on moving. . .

Keep on moving
Don't stop like the hands of time

Click clock
Find your own way to stay

The time will come one day
Why do people choose to live their lives this way?

Caron Wheeler sings the opening of the song Keep On Moving from Soul II Soul before the harmonies join in at "lives" in the last line above.  You can tell from the beginning of the song, that the melody line has been layered to ensure that the texture has some weight, some bearing to it that can hold it in place, like your favourite fridge magnets.

The song is very beautiful in its simplicity because I think there is a lot of scope to take it anywhere if you were to perform it.  I love the string countermelodies in the background, the chordal accompaniment provided by the keys and even during its own piano solo before the drumbeats kick in again.  

It's our time 
Our time today
The right time is here to stay

Stay in my life
My life always
Yellow is the colour of sunrays

I think about the colour of the sunrays but I think more about how those sunrays feel - the warmth that it provides (I'm not inclined to get sunburn or heat stroke, but it always pays to have sunscreen, as we are slowly moving into spring in the southern hemisphere).  You associate yellow as a colour of cowardice, but I think in this song, it is seen as a colour of joy and celebration - to spend quality time with friends, other kindred spirits, loved ones - as part of your healing process, as a way to enjoy how you spend time in your own lives.  What things or whom would you like to stay in your own lives?  Are there people or things that represent yellow for you with their sunny dispositions and warmth that you can't do without?

I hide myself from no one
I know the time will surely come when
You'll be in my life
My life
My life always
Yellow is the colour of sunrays

For me there is a certain element of excitement in not knowing the new people I will meet in my lifetime.  The universe decides who will get to cross your path, especially if you are meant to meet like minds and other souls who will help you to create cool things together.  I think it's exciting because it's when you are willing to no longer hide yourself from people and be genuine about who you are, what you're about - to be uncompromising and unrelenting in you doing you - then more sunrays will definitely come your way.

Keep on moving
Keep on moving 
don't stop no
Keep on moving . . . 

I hope that you keep on moving in whatever you are doing in your life.  Every chance or opportunity for success - go for it, give it your all and surround yourself with people and things that make you happy.  My challenge for you - is that you keep on moving away from the bad - and keep on moving towards the good.  Keep on moving towards people and things that are good for you :-)