Tuesday, 12 August 2014

I hope, I hope, I hope, I hope, I hope, I hope. . .

Today's song request is for +Rebbecca Sweeney.

Rebecca Ferguson first rose to fame a few years ago as a contestant on Britain's X Factor where she almost won the competition; she was runner up.  Her unique vocal sound reminds me of a blend of Adele and Heather Smalls, as I can hear similarities of both artists in the way she expresses herself.

I hope life treats you good
I hope life treats you good
I hope, I hope, I hope, I hope, I hope, I hope. . . 

The song is something that maybe jilted lovers would sing as their partners move on in life with someone new.  I like the fact that in the song, you experience the fury of a scorned woman and of course she is entitled to feel aggrieved (who knows what went on, but you get a sense that her partner found someone new during their relationship, which could account for the 'hate' that she sings about in the first verse).

'Cause after a time you realize that it ain't easy
'Cause after a time you realize that you should've believed me

The point of realisation is always a difficult one to contend with.  The point of awakening, like when you finally awaken from slumber and it seems like you've snapped out of the reverie you were in, the soft edges of what you were looking at has finally come into focus.  When he doesn't believe how hard it is, how hard it is for you?  When he doesn't realize that you were better for him all along and he wasn't strong enough to leave while you left yourself vulnerable to wait?  That's his loss, not yours.

Loving ourselves comes so easily
Forgiveness was like the biggest sin to me
And where there was war
I wouldn't walk away. . . 

This can be the danger zone but it also means that you've worked it through fast enough in your mind to know that you are worthy of love, even if he doesn't see it, doesn't love you in return, or he discarded your love along the way.  You were prepared to stand and fight for what you thought you had together.  Well, maybe he loved himself so easily that she was able to forgive him - isn't this why you see forgiveness as the biggest sin?  You wouldn't forgive so easily, until you had gone through all this pain for him.  All the while, the war was an internal one within yourself.  You can't physically walk away from yourself. It doesn't leave you with many choices - so what do you do?

But after a time
I realised that for me to grow
I've got to let go. . . 

The greatest hope that you have is - you.
The growth that you experience from letting go of the pain of that dance you dared to dance with love is essential, crucial to your personal growth and we all know - that from the pain, beauty emerges.
That even though you were never treated kindly in this love with him, because he didn't understand how to love, how to love you - this just means that there will someone else on your path who will eventually find you, and will love you as much as you love, if not more.

This is my hope for you. . .

I hope life treats you good
I hope life treats you good
I hope, I hope, I hope, I hope, I hope, I hope. . .