Monday, 4 August 2014

Cross my mind. . .

Girl it's really good to see you come around
I know you've been lost, I'm glad you got found
Cause I've been a little lost myself. . . 

There's something about whistling in a song that instantly makes you happy.
Cross my mind by Twin Forks gives us an opportunity for us to reconnect with people who we think about often, don't really get the chance to spend as much time with as we'd like, but when you do spend time with them, it's like time is irrelevant, you can talk about anything (and as you see right now - the sentences get longer and longer because I could go on!).

It could also be an opportunity to revisit a friendship and possibly turn it into something more . . .

Found an old picture of you on my phone
Got a new feeling now I won't let go
Until I can, I can tell you myself

Old pictures hold sentimental value.  When you look at them, they resurface old memories of good times, moments that you had forgotten until you look at the photos again.  You can re-imagine and reply scenarios in your mind about the events of the day, you can recall how you felt at the time, maybe even exact thoughts that you were entertaining at the time - nerves, anticipation, probably even sheer abandon.  The thing about old pictures is that they are snapshots like pitstops of things that happened in your life.  You often start to compare whether you still feel that way about yourself, about that person, or your feelings may have changed to something deeper or they just make you smile.

Why don't you stay for a while
It's been too long since I've smiled
There's too few people I trust
I won't ask you for too much
Good conversation and such
And if I'm being honest. . . 

If you're not smiling much in your life right now - you need to surround yourself with people who can make you smile more.  I have learned some valuable life lessons in my relatively short life (which incidentally is becoming longer thanks to the extra year recently added ha!) about the people you can trust.  A wise person once told me - Manu, the number of people that you trust implicitly, you should be able to count on one hand.  I find the word 'implicit' interesting because to some extent it suggests to me that it's important that you don't disclose who you trust.  Only those who know you trust them - know that you trust them.  They may not necessarily know about other people you trust (it's not like everyone has a trust support group for you lol because you could trust people from different circles of friends).

From time to time
You cross my mind
Good company 
Is hard to find. . . 

I hope that the people who cross my mind from time to time would know who they are.
Consider yourself good company :-)

If you don't already know if I trust you, it's most likely that I don't want you to know, but don't fret, I'm getting around to it.  It's probably why you do cross my mind right now, well, it's more like I'm internally pacing the floor in my own mind, contemplating whether you are one of the few trusted people that I feel comfortable pacing the very same floor, crossing my mind.

Good company is definitely hard to find.
But if I consider YOU good company - you will cross my mind :-)