Wednesday, 13 August 2014

All in due time. . .

Gladys Knight is one of those perennial artists, certainly in my lifetime.  I remember her singing with The Pips on such tracks as Midnight Train to Georgia and Love Overboard.  She is also well known for her many collaborations with other artists.  Gladys is Motown's Empress of Soul.

It never depends on how long it takes
Just keep your focus on making your way
I used to waste my time procrastinating
Would I be rich or poor, before I'm done
Would I ever live out my vision? (will I ever?)

From her 2012 album, All in due time, helps us to reflect on our journey thus far.  Does it make you think about points in your life where people doubted your abilities?  Tried to squash your dreams?  But worse than that - you allowed them to squash your dreams because you were too afraid to believe in yourself? The first two lines of the opening verse summarise how we should approach what we do, when we come up against obstacles that we may inadvertently

People told me to put time limits on my goals
To try something new, if it don't happen by then just let it go
But never quit if it don't happen when you want it
It's about being ready when your time comes around
And it will. . . 

 It sometimes irked me when people would make suggestions about what I should or shouldn't do.  It is always easier to give advice than take it - one of the many life lessons that you might have to learn the hard way.  I have learned to be respectful when people offer their advice and words of wisdom.  I try to find the nuggets or gems in what they share.  If it's useful and practice I certainly take it on board.  If it isn't constructive and designed to hurt - it becomes water off a duck's back.

The hardest thing is to maintain, sustain and retain your goals and dreams - keep them intact, treasure them, guard them with sheer ferocity because they are your own and sadly there will be people who will try to ruin them for you.  I often think if only they spent constructive time reaching their own goals and dreams rather than trying to ruin theirs - they would be much happier people.

I firmly believe in things happening for you when your time comes around.  You just need to develop the patience for it.  How hard are you willing to work for what you want to accomplish?

I know it seems like we've heard these words a thousand times
But believe they're reserved for the most important decisions in our lives

We often can't make important decisions in our lives until we've not only heard the words we need to hear a thousand times, but we actually need to action them.  

Surround yourself with good people who will become your cheerleaders, your support system, but you can also trust to not only say words a thousand times, but can cut across the thousand times and tell you honestly - what you don't want to hear.

I hope you find what you're looking for in life.
You might not necessarily be looking for anything and you're quite content where you are.
If you're not happy - you best be getting that hustle on and make things happen.
Don't give up, work hard and keep your eyes on the prize.

Like I said yesterday - your only hope is you!

All in due time
One day you'll find
All things in time
All in due time. . .