Friday, 25 July 2014

We are Samoa. . .

I first heard We are Samoa by Jerome Grey growing up in a very nationalistic Samoan family.
I can recall as a child playing with the cassette covers and I do remember the Jerome Grey cassette cover.  The tape deck always held cassettes of Samoan music, songs that my parents loved to listen to and would hum along to, sing along to as they did their chores around the house.

Our Samoa, the greatest place of all
She is green and blue, lush with beauty
Hearts as pure as gold
Touch someone with tears of joy
Touch someone with smiles of love
Oh! What happy feelings from such happy people

When I think about this verse, it reminds me of many trips going to Samoa. The earliest trip I can remember quite vividly was going home for my paternal grandmother's funeral, my namesake.  Every time I go to Samoa I think about sitting on the back of a ute, driving at speed on a dirt road, with dirt flying in my face, the breeze whipping through my hair and laughing with my cousins, complete with sweat running down our backs from the heat and the type of smells that were so strong and pungent that you could taste Samoa.  You could taste the freshness of the food, the tangy Chinese lollies our aunties gave us, the coconut juice running down our chins, the sticky mangoes and pawpaw clinging to our fingers.  Hot, sweet and sticky.  Three words that remind me of Samoa.

Uso Samoa, fanau mai le la
Uso Samoa, manumanu ile upega
A'o i nu'u ese le loto alofa
Samoa mo oe, Samoa mo le Atua

Sol3 Mio performed We are Samoa for the funeral of the great rugby legend Peter Fatialofa.
A trio of opera singers, currently starring in opera productions in Europe and America, as well as touring with their multi-platinum self-titled album - the pride and joy of Samoa and New Zealand with their unique Samoan blend of humour and flawless singing.

We are Samoa, people from the sun
We are Samoa, and our heritage lives on
Teach the world humanity and hospitality
We are Samoa
And God we trust in thee

Be proud of you who are, where you come from.
Never forget your heritage - learn as much about it as you can so that you can move ahead and forge new paths and be new examples of light, love and happiness for the world.