Wednesday, 23 July 2014

The gift of love. . .

I remember this song quite vividly.  The gift of love was released by Bette Midler in 1990, my first year of high school.  I remember coming across the sheet music in a brank spanking new Bette Midler tribute book, it was one of her greatest hits compilation I think, with a few new releases included; it even had her rendition The Beatles' In My Life, which I remember playing for my music teacher in my last year of high school, I accompanied my friend Mana while she sang (I played keys and harmonised).

You ask me what I want
You ask me what I need
It's nothing you can buy
My heart's not ruled by greed
I don't love a diamond
Diamonds you see through
I want you to hold me
I want you to be true

I think in the innocence of youth, before you have your first full blown emotional experiences of love with somebody really special, you have these pure thoughts of love.  You know what I'm talking about.  When holding hands is a big deal, when the first kiss - or getting anywhere near can almost make you lose the plot because the anticipation just kills you.  I think if I was to give advice to young people about love, I would say - don't be in such a hurry to grow up and experience what you think those irresponsible music videos are selling - it's not real.  Too often I saw in the classroom the damage that 'supposed' young love brought, the destruction of trying to be adults before their time and the complications that it brought too - unwanted pregnancies, difficult situations they couldn't get out of - sometimes even abusive and potentially fatal relationships.

Give me the gift of love
Look me in the eyes
Say I'm the one you're dreaming of
That'd be the best surprise
Give me the gift of your own sweet love
In the light of day
In the dark of night

This song was released two years after The Bangles released Eternal Flame and the music arrangement reminds me of that song, with the clustered chords, even with the guitar solo in the middle before the key change in the final chorus.  I can almost imagine the video montage of all the scenes where you would have received the gift of love - or at least the events that would lead up to it.

Like the colours of the sun
The feelings in your heart
It's all I want from you
And when the sky is dark
I'll have you beside me
Who could ask for more?
I'll just wear a smile
When you walk in the door. . .

For those who think they have lost their gift of love, don't despair.
Love is never lost.  It may disappear and then reappear in different forms, through different people.
I take heart from knowing that even though there may be heart pangs, where the heart catches its breath from time to time when a memory is triggered or a song triggers a moment that had almost escaped the recesses of my mind, I know that for those people who matter to me the most,  I will always wear a smile when they walk through my door.