Sunday, 27 July 2014

It's gonna be alright. . . on the nightshift. . .

I'm doing an all nighter tonight, only because I have some writing deadlines to meet and this is the only time of day to get it sorted.  To prepare me to get into the "writing zone", it can sometimes feel like a compulsion for me to write a blog post first (it's the way I'm wired I guess).  So I thought - what better song to accompany an all nighter but The Commodores singing their classic hit Nightshift.  

Marvin sang of the joy and pain
He opened up our minds
And I still can hear him say
Aw talk to me so you can see
What's goin on
Say you will sing your songs
Forevermore (evermore)

Jackie (Jackie, oh) you set the world on fire
You came and gifted us
Your love it lifted us
Higher and higher

The first couple of verses see us reminiscing about Marvin Gaye and Jackie Wilson, thinking about what they contributed to the music world, dropping titles of some of their famous hits and no doubt their songs have been some of your own favourites and you have associated memories with each of those songs - memories of family, friends, loved ones who have come and gone.

When you think about musicians, music artists, singers - whatever they like to be labelled - they all have that noble sentiment, that they want to make music and create music that fulfils them first as people, secondly to share with the rest of the world to make a difference and for us to enjoy who they are and what their "sound" is.  

The artists or bands that you like - how do you know that you like them?  What do you like about them?  Do you like them because of what they represent?  Is it all about the sound?  Does their music contribute to a cause that resonates with you as well?  

Gonna be a long night
It's gonna be alright
On the nightshift

For those of you work nightshifts, you know that nothing makes it go faster than when you're listening to your favourite music - something to pass the time (or make the time fly faster) - to dance, hum and bounce your head.  Whatever else that is happening in your life that makes you work nightshifts - whether by choice or it's what you have to do to get by - you do what you have to do.  

Keep it up
We'll be there 
At your side 

The thing I like the most about doing all nighters is the sense of tranquility that comes with being in your space doing "you".  I also take comfort in knowing that even if I am physically alone during these all nighters that I still have the hopes and well wishes of those who have gone before me, encouraging me from beyond to keep it up.

When you lose a loved one, take comfort in knowing that they do not forget you.
They have just found another home.  
Even though physically they're no longer here, they're always with you on your nightshift.

You found another home
I know you're not alone
On the nightshift. . .