Friday, 25 July 2014

In our small way. . .

"Maybe you and I can't do great things
We may not change the world in one day
But we can still change some things today"
In our small way

When Michael opens the song by speaking the lines of the chorus, it gives me a central focus point to meditate on.  You know how you get when you meditate on words that people say; you repeat the words in your head, visual the words in your mind's eye, run them through your mind and I even visualise my hands running over the words as I'm saying them as if to feel the shape, texture and the weight of what those words mean.  Questions spring to mind like - what can we do in our small way?  Do we sometimes let the enormity of what's happening in the world overwhelm us that we think we can't make a difference?

Empty words are not enough
Where's there hurt we'll be a crush
Where there's thirst, we'll fill each other's cup
Because we care we love enough to share

Where words are not enough, it suggests that there needs to be action that accompanies the words to make more of an impact (but sometimes actions speak louder than words, depending on the situation - grand gestures and all that).

In despair we'll be the hope
And the prayer that frees the soul
And we'll be there to share each lonely road
Because we love I know
We care enough

This part of the song speaks to me about the power of being part of a collective, of unity being a strength to push through and not be lonely, not be alone anymore.

Just a little time is all it takes
What a difference just a smile can make you see
Love is all we need, yeah

Musically in the bridge, this is the most exciting part of the song for me - the changes in timbre, the melody and the interaction with the

You and I can't do great things
We may not change the world in one day
But we still can change some things today 
In our small way

For the final chorus, the key change hits and then Michael takes us to the last plane where he soars across and makes me believe that we can changes things today.  This is where you see the function of background vocals maintaining the melody line whilst singing in harmony as the artist shows off their technical vocal abilities.

Moral of the story, work on yourself first, think about what you can do, what part you can play to make a positive difference in the world you live in, find a partner in crime who is passionate about your life mission as you are and then find other like-minded people so that we may not change the world in one day, but we still can change some things today, in our small way.