Sunday, 20 July 2014

Don't you think it's time. . .

My last blog post was about Simon and Garfunkel.  
I've decided to stay in this folk 'feel' and the ideas around contemplation, reflection, meditation and ultimately - hope.

It's disrespectful to oversimplify the conflict between Israel and Palestine.
And believe me - I wouldn't even dare to.
There have been so many 'explanations' all over social media - people are starting to call them 'propaganda clips' - and it totally depends on which side you support as the clips reflect distinct Israeli or Palestinian views - and like all perspectives, the views presented are totally dependent on 'who' is making them.

But I think if there's a song that has captured my thoughts about what's been in the news lately and if I could sit down and play a song that could solve the problem - then I would play and sing Bob Evan's Don't you think it's time.  There is a lovely cover version of this song by The Twins (No Frills - Vanessa and Arna).  

It would be naive to think that a song can solve a problem.  It would be naive to think that a song could help to change people's minds.  But suspend your disbelief and cyncism for a few minutes while I take you through this song.

Musically the song reminds me of Billy Joel's Piano Man but it's not 6/8 - it's more of a medium 2 or fast 4.  It even has the harmonica in there that helps to give it that homely touch. The way that the lyrics are structured also remind me of The Byrds with Turn Turn Turn a song that featured heavily in the movie soundtrack of Forrest Gump also expressing anti-war sentiments along the lines of life moving even when people stall.

Don't you think it's time
Time to start anew
Time for changing views
Time for making up your mind

Don't you think it's time
Time for moving on
Time for growing strong
Time to leave the past behind

You can't erase the past.  The huge loss of life on both sides - those people. those families, the fabric of society - Israeli, Palestinians, Jewish states, non-Jewish states, Arab states, non-Arab states - most of the time is spent blaming each other and pointing the finger (and arms and bombs) to kill and destroy.

Don't you think it's time
Time for quelling fear
Time for a new year
Time for meaning what you say

Don't you think it's time
Time for easing doubt
Time for reaching out
Time to open up your eyes

It is tragic that peace talks have been classified in the news as not being "real peace talks".  I was thinking - is there such a thing as fake peace talks?  If you're going to talk about peace - isn't reaching peace the goal?  It is even more tragic when the motivations of others outside of the conflict - add fuel to the conflict.  Can we say that each side has exhibited hybris - as there really is no intention of gaining peace - only power, control and lauding fear over each other.

Don't you think it's time
Time for trusting more
Without keeping score
Time to let forgiveness out

Don't you think it's time
Time for showing grace
Time for having faith
Time to make more of this time. . .

I worry that after all is said and done, after all the time in the world has come to pass - what will become of Israel and Palestine?  What will the rest of the world have done to try and support them to gain peace?  Will they forever be that married couple that will always leave paths of destruction in their wake, continue to use their children as collateral damage?

How can we get to have time to make more of this time, to live in harmony, when they can't even have "real peace talks" . . .