Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Distance makes the . . .

Hey love time to get up 
I've think you've been sleeping too long
My day started when you were still yawning . . . 

I get a sense of anticipation in this song, Distance by Emily King.
The opening sets the scene of two people who are like ships in the night, the contrary nature, the dichotomy that is represented in a relationship.  The lyrics to follow weave together a picture of the types of things that happen when distance is a major factor in a relationship.  You could interpret this in a number of ways - physical distance if you are geographically separated - yes the long distance relationships, or you could separated by time and space - that's the forever distance relationship - something I will explore in another blog post with the wonderful Alicia Keys - watch this space.

Oh love is always better
When we take time to get back to who we are when we are apart
Distance makes the heart grow
Even when I'm lonely I'm happy knowing that your love is never far
When we are apart distance makes the heart

The chorus reminds me of early Elton John with the groove, but there's an added sense of anticipation even in the articulation of the rhythm which I find addictive (yes it's one of those songs you could quite happily put on repeat!). I've listened to the song so much to pinpoint what it is that hooks me to this chorus - and I've discovered it's the bass line.  I love the contrast of the laidback bass line juxtaposed with the rhythmically free vocal line - marriage made in heaven (no distance there - the contrast works well!).

It makes the leaves on the tree fall
It makes the hours in the day long
Makes me wanna clear my head
Find a little cafe and write the words to a song . . .

The choral section before the above set of lyrics, signals that there is a definite demarcation here musically between the former section and this next one - the description of the feelings evoked from the love in a relationship, and more specifically, how distance impacts on the good and bad times in a relationship.  I smiled when I heard the last line in this verse, because I can recall memories of writing lyrics to songs in a cafe, drawing glances from other patrons while I've been humming a melody and tapping the rhythm on a coffee table.

And I know that I'm still free
Be anywhere that I want to be
Maybe get dressed up
Wear something real pretty that you aint ever seen . . .

When we're alone when we're apart
In the middle of a fight
Walk away to make it right
Where we go we're never far. . .

Home alone or out to tea
Look to your heart and think of me
I wanna love you don't wanna try
To change your pace of life . . . 

That idea of doing something that you know will surprise and delight your partner does make you feel good.  The freedom to do whatever you like and be whoever you want to be in a relationship - shows that you have great communication - and even when you do have those fights - that's good too - it shows that you have some things to talk about and sometimes tension happens because you need to address concerns before they become problems and before they become issues that require tissues.
Growing together in a relationship doesn't mean that you are going to change each other - but grow with each other.

Hey love time to get up 
I've think you've been sleeping too long
My day started when you were still yawning . . . 

For those who have yet to experience these notions of distance - don't give up hope - your love is never far :-)