Thursday, 24 July 2014

Coming out of the dark . . .

I remember this song quite vividly.  Gloria Estefan had survived a major accident while on an album tour and she almost died.  She performed this song at an awards ceremony and I recall being in awe of her performance, she was flawless.  Coming out of the dark is a song that represents survival, the fact that even though you can go through potentially fatal if not tragic circumstances in your life and you can overcome.

Why be afraid if I'm not alone
Life is never easy the rest is unknown
And up to now for me it's been hands against stone
Spent each and every moment
Searching for what to believe

I imagine that Gloria's recovery would have been excruciatingly painful and difficult to deal with.  There would have been times when she would've wanted to give up her physical therapy and want to pack it in.  She would've wondered if there was any point to holding on to hope, when things would've seemed insurmountable.  How could she have overcome them?

Starting again is part of the pain
And I'll be much stronger holding your hand
Step by step I'll make it through I know I can
It may not make it easier but I have felt you
Near all the way

Having someone to hold your hand and keep you on the path to recovery is absolutely critical.  When things do seem insurmountable, it's breaking things down in manageable chunks and knowing how to sustain yourself, with the support of others, through your pain.  When you go to put yourself back on track, you might also feel a sense of guilt at having a second chance to start over.  You've always been taught to believe that life doesn't have second chances and life isn't fair.  But when life does deal you another hand - how do you cope with that?

Coming out of the dark, I finally see the light now
And it's shining on me
Coming out of the dark, I know the love that saved me
You're sharing with me

I guess the answer when you really think about it - is quite simple.
You must never lose sight of the end of the tunnel, the light that you need to stay focused on so that you can see its brightness from a distance and sustains you until you can bathe in its fullness.  I don't know about you, but when I think about how much work you need to put in to get to the result that you want - don't forget to enjoy that time when you're shining in the light.  Sometimes that time to shine in the light can be fleeting, so once you've experienced it and have developed a hunger for it - you're always on the lookout to feel that fullness of light - to bathe in that glow, how it looks on your skin, how it illuminates your features and then the fun begins.  Because once the rest of the world sees you bathing in that light - they'll want to bathe in it too. . .