Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Come back Georgia. . . come back. . .

Thanks to this crazy weather in Auckland, it's meant that staying indoors is the best option.  (Unless you're outside doing an ice challenge - that's the only reason to be outside right now).
The need to stay warm in this wet winter conjures images of needing to be warm, keeping warm and it brings along those warm memories of happy times.

Georgia by Emily King is a beautiful song that highlights those moments when you might miss a chance.  Like those rom-coms we hate/love to watch, where the protagonists get all of their timing wrong and they can never seem to get themselves together, let along get together with each other.  The string arrangement reminds me of 40s dance hall music during war time, as you can imagine couples waltzing across a dance floor, that final dance of the evening before the dance draws to a close.

I was not ready the day you gave me your heart
I was still falling - apart
But since that moment I can't stop hearing your name
Wondering bout you - always. . . 

That realisation is always the killer though.  You become quite slow to pick up on a moment and can't read the signs.  It is only upon reflection or when you run back the scenes in your head that you realise you missed something.  Once again, with the movie analogies - you need to watch it a couple of times to really notice what's going on in a scene - a certain look, what people are wearing, words that are spoken and sounds in the background coupled with smells that linger in the air.  Sometimes you might have a conversation with someone and you're unaware how much you're revealing until you notice a change in the way they react to you.  

I was unhappy the day you left out my door
I was just feeling - unsure
So long I've missed you, now I can honestly say
I'm ready to love you - always. . . 

Ah, that moment when you realise that you reciprocate those feelings - even if they might have inadvertently not been articulated as well as they could've - they can sometimes raise questions (did I hear that right?  Is that what he/she meant to say? Should I ask for clarity?).  Over-thinking things can drive you bonkers.  The bridge of the song helps to move the music forward with a transposition and some variation work:

Oh to think that you would be
Resting in my arms
How I wish I knew Georgia where you are
I can't be without you
Georgia oh. . .

For me, Georgia represents the location where the moments of the song happen.
Everyone wants to have that chance for the "do-over".
But then you think about - if I had said or did what I think I should've said and done - how would my reality today be?  Would it be very different?  Would I be where I am right now?

Come back Georgia come back
Come back Georgia come back
I just need another chance
Chance to make it better. . .

Whether you get that chance to make it better,  I hope you live every moment of your life better than the last.