Tuesday, 1 July 2014

And things are gonna be alright with me . . .

I recently discovered this song Travellin' Prayer by Billy Joel, and it appeals to my love of "programme music" - how music can tell a story.  It has a funky country flavour to it: the drum introduction helps to set the pace of the song, together with the driving bass line, the sustained piano chords adding some harmony with some whistle-blowing train overtones.  I think bass players would love the bass line in this song.  But it's that banjo - when it joins in, that's when you know it's every bluegrass enthusiast's dream come true.

Hey Lord would ya look out for her tonight
And make sure that she's gonna be alright
And things are gonna be alright with me

The song lyrics remind me of Loma.
Even though it's been a year and people think you should move on from the grief - and eventually you will, but there will always be a tinge of emptiness, like a hole in your heart that nobody else could ever hope to fill.  Even though your friends may try quite hard to cheer up - it doesn't last long, because they can't provide what you're missing.  So what do you do?  Don't rely on others for your happiness - or for anybody to complete you - that responsibility is solely yours and nobody else's.

Hey Lord would ya look out for her tonight
And make sure that all her dreams are sweet
Said now, would you guide her on the roads
And make them softer on her feet

Loma often asked me - did you get some sleep?  Did you have some rest this time?
I hope that if you haven't got anybody already - I hope you get to experience the kind of care and nurturing that I felt with my late husband,  It's funny to say late husband - as he liked to be early if not on time for everything.

Hey Lord would ya look out for her tonight
Cos it gets rough along the way
Said now, this song seems strange is just because
I don't know how to pray
Ummmm won'tcha give her peace of mind
And if you ever find the time
Won'tcha tell her I miss her everyday. . . 

I imagine that Loma is watching over me as I travel everywhere doing what I have to do.
It's comforting to find a song like this and think wow, the lyrics actually remind me of him, the types of things that he said when he was physically here.

I'm not sad - just reflecting and feeling very grateful that I have had love in my life.

For everyone who travels extensively in their job, this is my travellin' prayer for you :-)