Sunday, 1 June 2014

Whom shall I fear?

Today's blog post is a song request made by +Phoebe Davis in memory of her husband :-)

The Lord is my light and my salvation
Whom shall I fear Lord
The Lord is the strength of my life
Whom shall I be afraid?

Phoebe and I are part of a club we never asked to join, but we've come to be allies in it (you have to - as you need a strong support network to be in this club).  This song The Lord is my light by Adeaze is a song that was released around the time that Phoebe's husband passed away.  Loma was a huge supporter of Adeaze's music, proud of Naina and Vii representing Mangere (as passionately as he did).

Wait on the Lord
Be of good courage
And He shall strengthen your heart
Wait I say on the Lord, wait I say on the Lord

You become highly reflective and super conscious of time.  I've spoken about this before in previous posts and it still rings true for today (and probably for the rest of the time that I have here on earth).  How you spend your time, this reality series starring you, fully depends on the choices that you make, and some choices made for you (producers, executive producers and directors that can seem untouchable at times), although you can sometimes, after much experience and having success on your hit show, you can do some producing.

Faatali mole Atua
Ia faamalosi
E faamalosi lo'u olaga
Faatali mole Atua
Faatali mole Atua

You soon realise that your entire life is dictated by time - that 5 year plan, those other short term - mid term and long term goals, that holiday that you need to book, those events that you promised to attend but don't really want to go to, basically your entire life you're waiting to do something or you are making something happen.

The Lord is my light
And my salvation
Whom shall I fear Lord?

I guess it's the quality of that time that you're spending.  I laugh sometimes, because you use that phrase 'spend time' - like it's some form of currency that you use, to purchase experiences - can you negotiate for better products and services if you're an effective spender of time?  Can we get an upgrade?  Are there any sweet package deals we can get? I often think that we can sabotage ourselves, and steal our own enjoyment and happiness in time, because we can spend it being negative, pessimistic and just plain sour (thanks Karyn White, listening to Superwoman this morning).

The Lord is the strength of my life
Whom shall I be afraid?
Whom shall I be afraid?
Whom shall I be afraid?
Whom shall I be------------ afraid 

Wherever you are in your life, whether you believe in God or have some other supreme being that you believe in (or not at all - to each their own), I hope that you don't spend your time, in your own lives, not being afraid to do the things that you've always wanted to, those things, goals, dreams that help to make you be the best of who you want to be and have some positive impact and effect on others.  I mean who knows, I might read about your story on social media somewhere, you know those stories - those feel-good amazing stories that can restore your faith in humanity, when we are surrounded by so much of the inhumane.

Huge lashings of love, light and laughter in your life (I'm a sucker for alliteration as you can see hehe).