Friday, 13 June 2014

Livin' my life like it's golden . . .

I'm taking my freedom
Pulling it off the shelf
Putting it on the chain
Wear it around my neck

No truer words could come from the stunningly beautiful Jill Scott in this track Golden.
I've been a huge fan of her work for a long time, from her debut album that my dear friend Mana introduced me to (A Long Walk is a favourite karaoke song of mine too!).

When I think of gold - I think of it being a precious metal, highly coveted by its owner, stored in safe places away from thieving hands.  It also reminds me of the coming of age novel The Outsiders by S. E. Hinton.  "Stay gold" is one of the famous phrases from the book that I love.

I'm taking my own freedom
Putting it in my song
Singing loud and strong
Grooving all day long

I love the groove in this track.  The piano dancing along and improvising in the background with its solo adds more appeal to the song for me, just as Jill. It helps that the bass line helps to drive the rhythm and fill in the melodic line, together with the drums which accents the pulse quite effectively, especially with the punctuation of the last beat of each bar with the hi-hat.

I'm taking my freedom
Putting it in my stroll
I'll be high-steppin' y'all
Letting the joy unfold

Taking control of your own life and how you live it is important.
Too often we may make excuses for things that don't go our way, or blame others for our unhappiness.
My brother recently posted on his Facebook status about people who are whingers - the complainers who instead of doing something constructive with their time to either better themselves or get themselves out of their current situation that they are whinging about - who else is to blame?

I'm holding onto my freedom
Can't take it from me
I was born into it
It comes naturally

I take ownership of the freedom I have been afforded to make decisions that impact on me.
If you let someone take your freedom (I'm not talking about those people who may not be in a position to have the freedom has been denied them politically - that's a whole 'nother kettle of fish - and possibly the topic of another post. . ).

I'm strumming my own freedom
Playing the God in me
Representing His glory
Hope He's proud of me

Whoever you subscribe to, live your life of purpose and do something that makes your life golden.
Everybody can have a golden life - it just depends if you are driven to live it.

Stay gold :-)