Monday, 30 June 2014

I couldn't say the words. . .

There is a lot to be said, or unsaid, the power of words when they are spoken, or the power of silence when they are not.  There is heaviness that seeps into words, the longer you leave the power of words in the air when they are spoken, or the missed opportunities to mean what you say, but you lack the courage to do so, so words elude you.

Dave Dobbyn's Language with its driving rhythmic guitar in the opening bars give you a sense of urgency with the accented beats of the bar.  The countermelody of lead guitar in the chorus helps to give colour with the careful layering.

My hands are tied
Oh I could be a victim
When my tongue wouldn't move
You have it tied with your heart strings

You often think about those moments where you wish you could've have said something.  You overthink the words that you think you want to say, but sometimes even words fail you because if they're already tied to someone else's heart strings, then it's almost as if you're waiting for them to say something.  It's like you're waiting for them to reciprocate feelings from the heart, which would then in turn help to loosen your own tongue and allow it to move freely.

Your hands are cold
That's why I try to constrain you
Now my words are cursed
Ember from the ashes

The juxtaposition here between the heat from the ashes that you have, plus the hands of the cold individual.  But if you think about it, you can rise from the ashes like phoenix.  You can have the opportunity for the words to be reborn, get a second chance to try again, even if you think that your words are cursed - because they didn't last as long as you wanted the previous time.

One day a heap on the ground
Next day I'm so proud today - 
Haven't got a clue. . .

The indecision and the impossible feelings of confusion - the conflicting emotions that you have to deal with - what a mess.  How will you manage it?  How will you be able to articulate what you're thinking and feeling when you're enacting all of these emotions - or at least trying to figure it out?  You're a different personality or character everyday and it's the little mundane things in life that are starting to trigger you to spiral out of control. . .

When I needed you the most I couldn't find the language
When I needed you more I couldn't say the words. . . 

If you lack the language or the words to communicate, you will have to teach yourself how to communicate, because people can't do it for you.  Language and words, words and language - whatever stops us from communicating and saying what we mean and meaning what we say - it can't happen without first being able to think what language and words we need to say.

When I needed you more
I couldn't say a word
Couldn't say a word. . .