Thursday, 1 May 2014

Take nothing less than the supreme best . . .

Kanye West sampled Curtis Mayfield's brilliant track Move on up (1970) in his song Touch the sky.
Even though West's sampling slows down the hook, it doesn't detract from the infectious rhythm of Move on up. Other remakes of the song include a disco interpretation by Destination.  The inclusion of the keyboard/piano and the backing female vocals adds a new dimension to the song.

I am a total sucker for fantastic accompaniment (or it could be the snare kicking off the trumpet solo in the introduction that does it for me!).  I love the rhythm guitar, the bongos, the frenetic drum fills, the bass and even the strings and lower brass (trombones) that play countermelodies interspersed in the verses.

Take nothing less than the supreme best
Do not obey for most people say 'cause you can pass the test
So what we have to do is move on up and keep on wishing
Remember your dream is your only scheme so keep on pushing 

It is often quite easy to have high expectations of others, but do you have the same high expectations for yourself? We can often settle for less than the supreme best because that's we think we're entitled to, when in actual fact, you deserve the supreme best.

So in the meantime move towards your destination 
Though you may find from time to time complications

This test that we must pass, called life, requires that we move on up and keep on wishing, keep pushing. Half the time I wonder, regardless of the end goal, it's the action of pushing and keep on keeping on that keeps the momentum going (physicists are thinking ah of course lol).

In the full version of the song (nearly 9 minutes!) towards the end, the drum kit continues before the bongos, congos join in, followed by the bass and rhythm guitar, then the saxophone, then the strings, before the horns join in playing octaves apart (nothing like the building of texture to keep the ears perked up!). It's that thing that musicians do and just jam incessantly till this unspoken fade out occurs. I've played in bands before and as a musician, I've always been fascinated with high levels of musicianship, that sense of intuition when everyone can feel when the song can draw to a natural close and end organically.

Move on up for a greater day but just you gonna make it
You put your mind to it, you can surely do it