Friday, 16 May 2014

Nesian style is here . . .

Nesian Mystik burst onto the music scene after success in the Pacifica Beats competition, affiliated to the Smokefree Rockquest in its early days.  They have worked as mentors for the NZ Music Commission music mentors education programme, working with budding musicians by sharing their songwriting skills and insights about the New Zealand music industry.

Nesian Style was their first single release and sparked the beginning of great music to come.
As role models for young Polynesians, Pacific Islanders, Pasifika students who aspired to hone their craft in music making, they certainly made it something worth aspiring to achieve.  I like this particular song because of the lyrics and how the group connects and weaves their interpretation of what it is like to grow up as a Pasifika or a Nesian in Aotearoa.

Well as this saga continues we stand our ground as pioneers
Space cadets on a mission to a Nesian frontier not knowing our next destination

Being conscious of who you are, by acknowledging the journey of your ancestors, can steer you well into being comfortable to stand your own ground as a pioneer.  The group recognises that for them, and for all Nesians, there is a uncertainty and trepidation about their collective futures.  The world that our Pasifika students now find themselves in, it is definitely ok to not know where we are going, because the world is rapidly changing and we must move with the changes, understand, be informed and make decisions that are flexible and open to possibilities - because sometimes things may be beyond the realm of our control.

Culturally strong from birth but weak upon our native tongues
The product of our ancestor seeds from which we sprung

Language fluency has always been a point of contention for our Pasifika children born in New Zealand.  The language debate has raged for as long as I can remember - language purists would argue that you are less of a Pasifika person because you can't speak your mother tongue whereas culture commentators argue that you don't need fluency in your heritage language as you can still participate in Pasifika activities if you have knowledge and understanding of your Pasifika culture(s).

Regardless of which camp you situate yourself - I feel that I am placed squarely in the middle - as I have friends and family who belong on both ends of the spectrum, but we must emphasise unity.
Having the courage to shift your mindset and acknowledge the diversities of Pasifika cultures - what type of Pasifika person that you are - shows that Nesian style is here.

The saga we maintain combines us wise in memories a noble lesson learnt from our Faatasi family
Elevate the positive this Nesian image must arise. . .