Monday, 19 May 2014

Ki te aroha. . . e ipo. . .

Loma was a huge fan of Prince Tui Teka.  One of his "go to" songs for karaoke was E Ipo
As I mentioned before, Loma was the king of mimicking people.  He nailed Prince Tui Teka's vibrato and mannerisms and would quite gleefully showcase this on many occasions on karaoke nights.  (I found my karaoke soulmate when I met Loma haha).  In those moments, it was safe to say "you had to be there" to see him in action.

Ki a koe te tau
aku mihi e
Ahakoa haere koe ki hea
maku rā koe e whai atu e
Ko taku aroha
ka ū tonu

It is comforting to know that no matter where I go, I feel Loma around me.
It is a reassuring feeling, especially when I might be stressed out, frustrated or angry about something, I think about what types of things he would say to snap me out of it, his words of encouragement.  He was a master of shrugging his shoulders, because he could put things in perspective and not really worry about something that was beyond his control. But that didn't mean he was complacent as he spoke up when his voice needed to be heard - it just meant he was better at saying "what's the point in worrying about that babe?".

Tena ra e hine
huri mai ra`ki ahau e tau nei
hei, utanga atu
E ipo

There will be times, those quiet and alone times when I miss him the most, and that will never go away. What I do know is that the absence aches a little less and I think about the happy memories that far outweigh the challenges of being on my own.

My love for you is endless
Keep me always in your heart
For you are a special part of me
My never-ending love

Ki te aroha e ipo Loma, ki te aroha e ipo. . .