Thursday, 8 May 2014

Keep it that way girl . . .

I have various memories of Loyal by Dave Dobbyn.
As a child I remember watching the music video, following Dave sing his way up the stairs, through the house, as he meanders through while the hustle and bustle around him with the painters, the real estate agent and his partner packing away the last of their belongings.

At the beginning of the song, you hear the unmistakable opening refrain which echoes throughout the song, especially between the chorus and the next verse.  As with all great songs, the layering of texture the bassline kicks in after the first chorus, while the drums pick up in the 2nd verse.
I love the way the lyrics weave themselves in this song.  I'm sure we have all experienced the sentiments in the first verse:
I can't remember the last time I thanked you
Keeping my distance unintentionally
Too close for comfort, just ain't close enough
If I could have more time we could brainstorm

It's those indecisive moments that you have to think really hard about what the correct choices are, so you need to be mindful of what to do, because you are keenly conscious of the consequences of your actions.  It reminds me of those Pick-A-Path Pathfinder books I read as a child.  The hard thing in life though, is that it is hard to go back and have some "do-overs" - that you must live with the consequences of your actions and learn how to live with it,

And I love you tender but we must walk away
Keeping you on my greeting card file
And if it were different, but you know it ain't?
Let's get it on with it love

Those were the times when you had to give someone up because maybe the timing was wrong or things weren't meant to be.  I think it's important to remember that it's ok to think about and cherish those times as being worth remembering.  I've always maintained that you need you spend your life "making memories with people worth remembering", so that when you are old and grey, you can play your personal home movies in your mind.  Something I've been starting to do - collecting movies from my memories and curating them in the mind.

And we are loyal - haven't you known me long enough girl?
If I could see your heart right now,
Maybe there'd be a change or two.