Monday, 5 May 2014

It's just me getting stronger. . .

What better way to talk about NZ Music Month than to try to articulate this in the A-Z of NZ artists and groups who I love and adore.  I've already posted about Brooke Fraser so just to rewind it back to 'A' I will look at the dynamic duo of Adeaze, otherwise known as Nainz and Vii Tupa'i from Mangere in South Auckland.

Knowing these guys through my late husband has been a funny experience. When I hear their music now, it reminds me of him being cheeky and mocking Nainz at their mutual family gatherings.  It was great to see Nainz at the Pasifika Festival in March a few months ago, continuing to make music and an impact in young people's lives through their ministry of music.

Adeaze has produced a string of hits in Aotearoa with their smooth, seemingly effortless harmonies, backed by their equally masterful guitar accompaniment.  Of their songs, my favourite is Getting stronger their duet with Aaradhna (who I talked about in a previous post with her single Wake Up).

The first bridge talks about the ability to be strong because you have someone to help make you strong and that the memories made together, despite all the past difficulties will keep your love strong:
I know it gets hard sometimes but remember that I'm only human
And the things that I face are the same things that you can help me to overcome

Life is about all the meaningful things that we get to share with each other
So leave the past behind in each other we'll find our love is strong again

These sentiments almost seem to contradict what is explored in the chorus, but for me personally, the chorus is probably the most compelling part of the song, as it explains how one can get stronger:
I don't want nobody else
I don't need somebody else to tell me about love
I am strong on my own

There is a tendency for people to get judgemental, to pass judgement on others (without first taking the speck out of their own eyes). I'm as guilty as the next person!  But the best part of being human I guess, is that even through our human follies and foibles, as long as we remain earnest, sincere and genuine in being the best of who you are, so that you can give your best to others - that's the main thing.  When people start to make comments about what you should be doing, what kind of life, love, pain, sorrow, joy, excitement you should have - if others try to define this for you - you run the risk of giving away your strength, because you let others' definition (or dictatorship really!) of how you should be, shape who you are.  How can you respond to that?

But if you think you can tell me 
Why the things I'm doing is going wrong
It's just me getting stronger