Monday, 19 May 2014

I'm all I can offer you right now. . .

In OpShop's One Day, the almost sleep-like, dreamy andante opening is unmistakable . . .

Absence make her heart grow fonder
While I'm conquering the last frontier
Lately I've found myself wondering out loud
Wonderin' what I was doin' here

This time last year, I was in Wellington, just like I am tonight.
I received a phone call that would change my life forever.
I rushed home to spend the last few days with Loma before he passed away.

This song resonates deeply with me because I imagine him conquering the last frontier.
We had many conversations about what we were going to do, our purpose in life and what we were going to achieve together.  But on the flipside we also had many conversations about how exciting the future was going to be, only because it was the unknown and the 'not knowing' gave way to dreams and hours of laughter.

One day you'll understand how much you have me
One day you'll realise we have it easy
I can't offer you the future - I don't know it myself
All I can offer you is me
I'm all I can offer you right now

Loma never pretended to be someone else.
When he was at a social gathering, he was in his element.  He was very good at mimicking people; he was a fantastic entertainer and comedian in that sense, and could hold court with the best of them while other times, allowed himself to step into the background to let other people shine.  His humility on some occasions was something I couldn't understand, because he wasn't ambitious.  He didn't have any grand illusions about who he was. He was a supremely gifted and talented musician - he played the bass, the guitar, the piano and he had a beautiful voice - he knew he was gifted and talented, but did not show off.  His laughter was infectious and always made me laugh too,  I miss the sound of that laughter.

The second verse introduces a female harmony to support the lead vocal:
Patience make her heart grow stronger
Reassure her she's where I want to be
Never was the grass ever greener 
I'm about as ready as I'll ever be

Loma passed away peacefully in hospital on Wednesday 22nd May at 6:17am.
Once he accepted that he did not have much time left on earth, he knew he was ready to go.
I'm about as ready as I'll ever be.
The greatest lesson he has taught me is to be fearless - as he was in his last days.

Absence make her heart grow fonder
While I'm conquering the last frontier. . .