Tuesday, 20 May 2014

I'll abandon it, I'm young . . .

Ruby Frost is better known to New Zealand audiences as a season one judge for X Factor alongside Stan Walker.  She won a music competition and recorded an EP, got a large number of views for a particular song on YouTube (1 millions views to be exact) and even won a songwriting award (as well as being shortlisted for an APRA Silver Scroll Award).

Her song Young serves as a reminder of our misadventures of a misspent youth, you know, those crazy times when you didn't have a care in the world, no responsibility.  Something parents only know too well:

Mother likes my eyes of wonder
She tells me that they wander the whole day through

I'm pretty sure when you recollect the memories spent with your friends, they would read much like the following lyrics:

Burning our youth to be discerning
Kicking rocks and learning ignorance is bliss
Stumble, get lost in our jungle
We don't have to be crumble, we can still be fixed

The resilience of youth can often be something that we lose when we become adults.
We forget to immerse ourselves in a sense of wonder again, because we become jaded very quickly, or have negative experiences that burn us.  Our priorities shift, change and evolve as time goes by and who we interact with and who we choose to surround ourselves with because we can define or confine what holds us in these contexts together.

Who cares what I've done
Who cares the songs I've sung
I'll abandon it, I'm young
Who cares where I'm from
Who cares my clothes are torn
I'll abandon it, I'm young

Abandoning your inhibitions or abandoning the restrictions placed on you by others is the catch-cry of the young.  Any level headed young person will tell you that they will not blame their youth for their follies, but yes chalk it up to life experience.  Abandoning responsibility or abandoning commitment to something or someone, then blaming it on, I'm young - it's what we do - I often wonder how we can fool ourselves into thinking that this is a valid excuse.  Depends on the audience I guess, but also the intent of the individual.

Who cares the hearts we've stung
Who cares the webs we've spun
I'll abandon it, I'm young
Though I stumble every rung
I'm on the ladder to see the sun
I'll abandon it, I'm young

By choosing not to care about what we do when we are young, it may impact on what we can enjoy when we are. . . not so young.  When we hear over and over again that teenage mantra - who cares?  The answer to that is - you do.  Or you should care.  Because if you don't start to care about what you're doing, while you're busy abandoning everything and everyone - there will nobody left to care . . . even about you . . .