Tuesday, 6 May 2014

I will never fade away on you . . .

Che Fu is a man of my generation.  A local boy made good, from a musical legacy that boasts social justice as the "norms" even when it wasn't normal to be socially active and proactive.  He attended Western Springs College, was in the group Supergroove where he first came to public recognition after success in high school music competitions before releasing albums in his own right, as well as a successful collaboration with DLT on the single Chains.  I remember seeing Che perform at Womad one year when it was in Aotea Centre (many moons ago, I know).

I'm still thinking when we used to chill 
And reason till the morning sun
We'd talk of places never seen before
Who would think you'd be the one to go
Out there, over, mountains, oceans, highways, byways. . . 

Che Fu's Fade Away makes me think about why friendship is important.
Apart from having a partner in your life, or other family members, who else can you rely on to pick you up when you fall, celebrate your good times with you, make you mad but still have their back when someone else says anything about them - but your sisters from another mister or your brothers from another mother

The best support you can give your friends is - well, an ear really.
And a shoulder :-)

There is potential to be envious of your friends when they succeed, because it forces you to think about and reflect on what you've done in your life.  Real friendship stems from being able to fight about those things, bring all that ugliness to the surface - in front of each other - and still remain friends - in fact, it actually strengthens the friendships and the bonds.  If you lose the friendship over that - you weren't really friends in the first place, and possibly need to revisit the definition of what friendship means.  We need to remember that real friends are supportive of you wherever you are in your life.  We all go down different pathways and can sometimes think that we might have missed the boat because we didn't follow what our friends did.  Things happen for a reason, and it is those experiences that help to shape the person you are today.  So. . no regrets.  You can't regret growth!

With you, tag team, us two, straight through
That's why I stay strong to you

This blog post is dedicated to my 'Fade Away' friends Mana Napara and Rachel Vaipa - my high school friends who even though we don't see each other often, as much as we like - we will always be there for each other, supporting each other through this thing called life.  Always "staying strong to you".  This post also makes special mention of Sera Thompson - you know why girl! :-)