Thursday, 15 May 2014

I don't know why you make it so hard for yourself. . .

I'm a huge fan of Ladi6.
She's been hailed as New Zealand's answer to Erykah Badu.  She was in an all-female group called Sheelaroc who made it big with their single If I gave you th' mic.  She makes music because she enjoys it and I'm very grateful that she chooses to share it with others.

Looking over her catalogue of hits, my favourite song is Goodday. 
Musically it reminds me of masters like Stevie Wonder with the great keyboard work and David Bowie with the ambient sound.  When the bass drops in the chorus - it is well worth the wait.

The structure of the song is interesting because I interpret the lyrics in distinct sections.

Get up we told you,
You need to move if you want to yo
We can take you there
If not I'll you go
I'll let you show me how to do it if you take me there
Don't move a muscle cos we have got you
Locked into the, the the floor
Before but we can make you want it if you got it c'mon
We have got y'all caught up so take it there oh

I thought about today's budget announcement (it's only been a few hours) and this verse seemed to make it come to life.  I mean the announcement of paid parental leave is great for families.  It's been called the "family friendly budget".  The lines that stuck out for me in connection with this was you need to move if you want to yo and we can make it if you got it.

The second verse speaks about getting yourself out of a situation that you don't want to be in.
How often do we let ourselves get swept up in the chaos of trying to do so much for others, never saying no because we're always saying yes and losing sleep over things that are beyond our control (when we should be sleeping).

It's the chorus that is memorable for me.

I don't know why you make it so hard for yourself

I've been thinking a lot lately about not making things difficult for myself.  I've been thinking about myself for a change - something new that I struggle with, but need to, if I am to do the best for everyone around me.  So I'm taking the advice from the end of this song, so I can have myself a Goodday everyday.

You should be taking it easy, taking it easy, taking it. . .