Friday, 9 May 2014

Feel inside (and stuff like that). . .

Flight of the Conchords will probably never know, but their music has been a source of great entertainment for my past music students, especially when it comes to their unique brand of humour wrapped up in their songs.  It is difficult to find a particular favourite in their repertoire of hits as there are so many great songs such as Albi the racist dragon, Business time, The Rhymenocerous vs. the Hiphopaopotamus, Jenny, The Most Beautiful Girl in the Room to name a few.

It is their charity single for Cure Kids NZ - Feel inside (and stuff like that) - which is a prime example of what I love most about writing songs.  Bret and Jemaine interviewed young children to collect lyrics to create the song.  Student voice is an absolutely critical tool in the construction of this song, as the duo retained the lyrics verbatim to create a song that is not only catchy but for a fantastic cause.

Some of the greatest names in NZ Music formed together to record this single as Flight of the Conchords and Friends.  When the children were asked to find words that rhymed with 'hospital', their answers were definitely creative.  Brooke Fraser sings this results of this:

There are children who are so unwell
They have to live their lives in hospitals,
They're feeling lospital,

When two little boys were asked how much money should be raised to help sick children in hospital, they replied with:

We need a million and a hundred
Ten and twenty one dollars

This song serves to remind me that creating music has a purpose - to raise awareness of an issue or to tell a story, to entertain people and celebrate the art of making music.

There must be something that we can do
To stop these kids from doing spews

As a teacher we can often forget to affirm the innocence of our children, in terms of valuing their voices and perspectives, that great ideas come from allowing opportunities for exploration and being free to feel inside.

I hope that you don't forget to feel inside (and stuff like that) as the world will be a better place with you in it, with you contributing your humanity in positive ways, especially for the future of children - in whatever capacity you may come into contact with them - as children and students need positive role models to help facilitate their gifts into talents.