Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Prayer for the dying. . .

I'm a huge Seal fan from way back.

It was 1994 and my last year of high school.  I discovered Seal on the shelf of the Sounz Music Store in Downtown Auckland.  I knew him in his Crazy days with his dreadlocks.  But this new look Seal caught my eye when I spied a cassingle (yes a cassingle, otherwise known as a cassette single) on the shelf.  The cassingle was Prayer for the Dying.  There was a CD player mounted on one of the posts nearby and I asked the shop assistant if I could have the album so I could listen it.  Most of my school holidays were spent in town, making a beeline for the music store, anxious to listen to the latest music.  I had a particular hankering to listen to singer/songwriters.  I knew Seal wrote his own music, because the CD notes told me that he did.

I thought Prayer for the Dying was a bit morbid on the first listen.  But the chorus, harmonically seemed to elevate your spirit, even though death happens and is an inherent part of every day life.  I hit repeat quite a few times on the CD player.  The more times I listened, it was then that I  noticed that the verses were the morbid part.

Heaven's waiting
It's time to move on

I liked first impressions when listening to new music, because it's usually that first feeling that you have when listening to music that you will associate that song with.  Of course when you learn more about a song, every time you listen to that song again, you hear more and more different things that you missed the first time.  It's much like when you watch a movie over and over - there are certain things that you missed, things that you suddenly notice.

I'm crossing that bridge with lessons I've learned
I'm playing with fire and not getting burned
I may not know what you're going through
But time is the space between me and you
There is a light through that window
Hold on say yes, while people say no
Cos life carries on. . . it goes on

The chorus seemed to be another voice or at least a progression of where you can position yourself, when death happens to you, around you and how you must carry on, because life carries on.

This post is dedicated to +Phoebe Davis.  We're part of a club that we never asked to join.