Saturday, 12 April 2014

Let it go. . .

I spent tonight with an old college friend and her family.  Her two daughters are huge fans of the recent Disney smash movie Frozen.  One of her daughters asked if I could play the song Let It Go.
There was a piano in the room and happy to oblige, I sat down at the piano.  With my work as of late, I had been spending much more time on black and white computer keys rather than the ones that in the past had brought me much joy and peace as a music teacher.

I had seen the movie but hadn't really listened to the lyrics in any great detail or thought about the music.  I did know that Let It Go had won an Oscar for Best Original Song.  The oldest daughter, Miss Six, volunteered to play the song on YouTube so I could play the song by ear.  I had a great time listening to the song and playing through the distinct chord progressions that made up three musical sections - the verse, the chorus and the bridge.

It's time to see what I can do
Time to test the limits and break through 

Testing the limits is important because it presents opportunities for you to extend yourself, to test who you are, whether it's your resolve or becoming the person you were meant to be.  I'm not a huge fan of testing limits for the sake of testing limits, for me there is a purpose for why you test, and what you discover when you test those limits, where you take it from there and how will it improve who you are - Self-edification 101.

The song has all of the ingredients of a power ballad, a haunting melancholic introduction mirrored by the words that speak of Queen Elsa's isolation. the epic chorus with the realisation that she has accepted who she is and a bridge that emphatically leads her to embrace who she is, despite what other people think.

I'm never going back
The past is in the past

Letting go of fears and being strong enough to stand tall and to use what you have is important.
Never be afraid to let go or show vulnerability, be yourself, hang loose!
Elsa talks about not returning to Arendelle because it is easier for her not to hurt anybody if she is alone and able to be free.  There's nothing worse than running away from a problem, because when you eventually need to return, the problem is still there. You may decide that there may be some places in your past that you too may not revisit.  There will be times when you will feel isolated or alone, but I guess it how you spend that time alone will either make or break you.  How you make peace with that determines how you ultimately carry on with the rest of your life. Whether people like you or not - what they see is what they get.

Let the storm rage on. . .
The cold never bothered me anymore