Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Get out of bed. . . stop wasting time. . .

If you're looking for the best song to get you out of bed, or snap out of the funk or plateau that you find yourself in - you can't get past Aaradhna's Wake Up.  The opening introduction reminds me of the beginning of Toploader's rendition of Dancing in the moonlight.

It's Autumn (Fall) in Aotearoa.  It's the surefire way to know that Daylight Savings has ended, as the day gets darker faster.  I like to think that this song will be useful in getting you out of bed in the coming months!  This song has been sitting in my drafts folder and I thought it was the perfect song to write about while waiting for my dear friend Kerry to turn up at my house - we're heading off soon to catch up and have breakfast (and she's late hehe).

Wake up, get up, get up
Get out of bed, stop wasting time!
Wake up, get up, get up!
Get out of bed, stop wasting time!

The snappy chorus serves more than just as a reminder about physically waking up, but more as a reminder to wake up to yourself really!  All of those goals, aspirations and dreams that you had, but nothing has come to fruition.

When you find yourself in a rut, get knocked back enough times to think that you're better off giving up, then crank up this song.  The first verse reminds me of my early college days when you think you're living this party rock lifestyle (or at least think you are!) and you're lost in the oblivion of making memories that you think will be useful to share with the grandkids someday, tales that will make them think that you lead a life of experience (but really it was just empty pizza boxes on the floor, empty liquor bottles from the night before).

I guess I'm thinking about some people that have been your cheerleaders on the sideline, who have wished you well and tried to support you on your efforts and you may have lost the confidence along the way, or procrastinated yourself into a corner.  You might have been hearing these lyrics from the song being thrown at you (more often than not):

I've been trying to get to you
I've been trying to get through to you
Tell me if you hear me
Tell me if you're listening. . .

You want to be able to avoid letting yourself down, not achieving what you set out to achieve in your life, because sadly you were your own worst enemy, the self-saboteur who ruined your own chances of success because you apportioned blame to others, you were in denial and didn't accept responsibility for your own actions and therefore disappointment hit.

Disappointed cos you said that change was gonna

So WAKE UP people and don't disappoint yourself.
Stop wasting time and OWN TIME because you made constructive, productive use of it.
Working longer hours may be less efficient and less effective use of time (I'm a time-pressure person, I'm sure I should've been a journalist or columnist in a former life haha) so enjoy your day and make the best use of it :-)